Lululemon Warehouse Sale Recap & Haul


Alright… one more post about le warehaus sale and I’ll STFU. Time to share how my experience was and run through the new threads & share what was in my haul.

I quite literally came home with a pile of new lulu.

As I mentioned on IG last night, the 2015 Lululemon Warehouse Sale was not the sale for you if you’re into cutesy girly bright colors and polka dots and flowers and rainbow sprinkles and hugs and unicorns. Unless you fit into ivviva. If you’re into the edgier styles of the to & from lines that lululemon makes (aka casual wear in dark neutrals), it was a gold mine.

I went on days 2 & 3, and did not see a single pair of Speed Shorts or Wunder Unders. Nor did I see any good bras, Vinyasa Scarves, Scuba Hoodies or Swiftlies. Save the occasional fugly crosscourt petal Cool Racerback, there were ZERO core styles available by the time Friday ended. Early reports show Scubas, Speeds & Vinyasas that were scored on Friday.

I tried to go in with an open mind and relatively low expectations. After Reya shared that photo of the black/white varsity plaid Scuba she scored early Friday morning, I held out hope that there would be one hiding somewhere in my size on Saturday morning.

As I expected, no such luck. That hoodie (and plaid in general) is kickass. Therefore I am licking my wounds on missing out on that piece by wearing the matching Wunder Unders as I type this. Regretting not ordering the lumberjack cranberry Scuba II back in August.

I may not have the matching Scuba, but my 29th bday gift to myself still kicks ass a year later.

Yet, without said plaid hoodie, I still came home with a pile of stuff.


There were many grumblings about waiting up to 2 hours to get into the sale on Thursday night and Friday morning. By the time that Saturday rolled around, waiting to get in was a complete NON-issue.

My fellow lulu-loving friend Amanda and I arrived at the Hynes Convention Center around 10:00a on Saturday morning. Having tweeted my super f*cking excited OMG THE LINE IS NOT THAT LONG face, the @lululemonWHUS Social Media team took notice and sent someone out to pull us right out of line and promptly escort us inside.

Yeah, I’m a dweeb. It was totally cool of them to take notice of said enthusiastic dweebiness. Even if my awful selfie hadn’t been acknowledged, maybe 50 or so people were ahead of us at that point. We wouldn’t have waited more than 10-15 additional minutes before getting inside.

After getting inside, it surprisingly wasn’t the total mayhem I expected. It was certainly busy, but not uncomfortably so. I even ran into my 2 sisters-in-law who live hours away. I guess I’m not the only one who’s interested in low-priced lulu! The overarching color scheme of the gear available was DARK NEUTRALS. Black, gray and navy galore. The only bright colors were neon alien warfare (iridescent multi) Miss Misty II’s and the bottom trim of the Black Cherry/Clear Mint Away Dresses that never even made it to selling for full price this spring.

The Social Media team tweeted someone wearing a BLACK Away Dress last night, and I was kicking myself for having missed it. Purple and lime green I just couldn’t do, but if there were black I TOTALLY would have gotten one. This is where the FOMO kicked in.

I wasn’t planning on it until the wacky idea crossed my mind about 9:00p last night that “ooohh if they restock and put more merch out on the floor, maybe if I get up STUPID EARLY and drive up there again today then I will be rewarded for my psychotic, obsessive and quite truly unnecessarily frivolous efforts!”

My morning went something like this:

5:26a – Alarm went off.

5:28a – I’m tiiiiiired. But I’m conscious. My bed is warm!

5:31a – I think to myself… you idiot is this really necessary?


5:42a – My feet are on the ground, and I’m getting ready to do this. Gas is $2.09 a gallon now, so I can do silly things like this and not have it hurt the wallet too badly.

Yup… I went twice inside of 24 hours. The second time, there was ZERO LINE AT ALL. I got there a few minutes after doors opened this morning and walked right in.


Prices dropped (as expected) over the course of the weekend. The sale’s goal was to clean out of inventory, but there were certain styles that were just NOT moving.

Warehouse Sale Price List: VIP Preview & Day 1
Warehouse Sale Price List: VIP Preview & Day 1

Prices started along expected WMTM price points that we’d see online.

Lululemon Warehouse Sale Price List: Day 2
Lululemon Warehouse Sale Price List: Day 2

Between Days 1 and 2, prices dropped. Some significantly, some notsomuch.

  • Dresses: -$20
  • Jackets/Vests: -$10
  • Outerwear: -$40
  • Crops/Pants/Shorts/Skirts: -$10
  • Bags: -$20
  • SS/LS Tops, Tanks & Bras held steady.
  • Swim went BOGO, so that’s a 50% discount. Swim selection was very limited, mostly from 1-2 years ago. None from this past season. Some pieces I didn’t even recognize.
  • They were also running a BOGO special on Party Om bags. They only had a neutral cream & black color scheme or a dusty blue. I didn’t get either.
Lululemon Warehouse Sale Price List: Day 3

Prices took a tumble in a big way between Saturday & Sunday. I walked in with hopes that some random gems were saved and not put out until this morning. What I did not expect to walk in and see was the Quick Change Vest I’d just bought for $59 the day before to be lined up in a special section off to the side going for $9. NINE FRACKING DOLL HAIRS. Agh.

If I had considered returning the next day by the time I left the sale on Saturday, I’d have left it behind in hopes of a price drop. There were enough on hand that I knew they wouldn’t have sold out. At least I now can say that the price of last-minute impulse decisions lies somewhere around $50 plus gas & parking. Oh well. It’s an unusual piece, but it had piqued my interest on WMTM earlier this year. I’m happy to have brought it home with me.

According to the twitter machine, by 2:00p Sunday EVERYTHING had been marked down to $9. When I headed out a little before 9:30a, I was handed a pair of Sweat Cuffs as a free gift with purchase on my way out the door.


And now… it’s time to go through what I took home.

NOTE: They took off the tags at checkout and I wasn’t smart enough to take photos of them before leaving, so I have to apologize in advance that I don’t recall the official name of at least half (if not more) of what I bought.

Unnamed LS &Go Top

Wasn’t expecting to like this one. It’s a snug fit in the sleeves, but looser around the midsection without being floppy. I liked it so much, I ended up picking one up in black as well. Stretchy shirts that accommodate big shoulders make me happy.

Cardi in the Front

I never really gave this sweater much thought seeing it on WMTM, but it will be nice to have in the winter around the office. The back panel is a smoother fabric with a gentle sheen.


Because who doesn’t need a plain old miscellaneous gray hat to go with all of the other miscellaneous gray stuff I wear during the winter months? Or some socks. Perhaps a PISTACHIO headband, the only brightly-colored item of the entire haul.

Then there were the Sweat Cuffs. Like I mentioned before, they were giving these out as people left this morning like you’d give away a goodie bag at the end of a 5-year-old’s birthday party. For $0, I’ll toss them in my gym bag and wait for another super humid day.

Back Up Long Sleeve

I had my eye on this one during the winter months, but was afraid the ‘crop’ length was too short for my torso. After such good luck with the Sweaty or Not Crop Tee, I was excited to see this one come around at the sale. I would have liked black, but they only had gray in my size. For a sale price I’ll compromise.

2 More Random Gray Tanks

Because super soft comfy layers.

Var City Half Sleeve Tee

Here is where I start to get a little crazy with the bluetooth selfie remote. There’s a reason I didn’t go into modeling. I totally suck at it. So, I’ll just have a dance party instead.

Another Tank With a Name I Can’t Recall

Vitasea is so dreamy. It’s like paper thin rulu. Now I just need some warm weather to wear it in.

Quick Change Vest

Saved the best for last, because don’t we all deserve to feel like we’re all badass from the Matrix at least once in our lives? With the 2 zip-off layers, it’s like 3 vests in 1. I also snagged that gray/black checkered scarf pictured at the sale.

While I got a pile of stuff I know I’ll wear, I am not sure I’d call this a once in a lifetime event. Definitely wouldn’t hop on a plane to go to the next one. But, If another one comes to the northeast, I’d drive as far as DC. However, my strategy would be different. Despite their constant reminders that new items would be restocked daily, it was clear that the earliest birds in the Thursday/Friday crowds got the best worms.

Did anyone else ship up to Boston this weekend to check things out?

Lessons learned from my first major warehouse sale experience: If you want the prime selection, fight your way tooth and nail to be one of the first ones let onto the floor. If extremely low prices are your biggest priority, wait until lunch time on the final day. Given the type of gear that was on sale, it now makes a lot of sense of why they’d choose somewhere in a cooler climate to hold the sale. Practically nothing there would be useful to anyone living south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Except maybe Arkansas. I was down there on business for a week back in March, and it was icy as eff.


  1. Thanks for posting your haul! I’ve been having serious FOMO, and am relieved that I already have a few of your finds from earlier outlet visits! The navy LS is the Out of This World LS. The light gray tank looks like the Mudra tank – reversible front to back! You got some great finds, and the vest outfit looks fantastic on you!! (Sizing help, please? You know these will pop up on eBay.) BTW, sitting by the fire tonight below the M-D line. We like sweaters and jackets, too!

  2. Nice haul – and your warehouse posts have been awesome, especially for those of us who couldn’t go. Here’s hoping they have a kick-A online warehouse sale soon! 🙂

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