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5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Something really awesome happened today. I went to CrossFit and did a workout that involved a barbell! I haven’t done that since May. Granted, it was only 65 pounds, but it was 40 reps of C&J without any notable wrist pain. Also, all this running for the half marathon is paying off in an unexpected way. I was able to get 93 out of the 120 double unders in today’s WOD unbroken. Usually I get all winded around 40. Woot!

OBSCENE PINEAPPLE! Stoked and a half to be starting the CrossFit comeback.

After falling into a training slump last week with half marathon prep, I dreaded getting out there yesterday for 6 miles. I’ve been irresponsibly watching football and drinking beer instead of going for really long runs on Sundays. I got to 9 miles two weeks ago, but ever since then I’ve just felt MEH. with the race less than two weeks away, I knew I had to get out there yesterday whether I liked it or not. I begrudgingly laced up my shoes, and they turned out to be the fastest 6 miles I’ve run so far. Phew.

Between yesterday’s run and today’s workout (with weight!) I am feeling like I’m in the right place again. The moral of the story is: whenever you don’t feel like going to the gym… shut up and go anyway.

Also, this is the last 5 Faves & a Dud I’ll be writing in my 20s. I AM NOT READY TO TURN 30.

5 Faves & a Dud – 9/29/15

Favorite #1: Scuba Hoodie III ($118) in heathered sapphire blue


I don’t care if you think it’s boring. I like it. If you’re dating/married to a guy who’s into the LA Dodgers, Kansas City Royals or Indianapolis Colts (just to name a few)… LOOK AT YOU ALL HAVING TEAM SPIRIT. Go sports! Do the thing! Win the points!

Favorite #2: Heart Opener Scarf *Cotton ($58) in fatigue green/gator green/angel wing


While not a Vinyasa Scarf, it looks like a Vinyasa Scarf. Not usually a fan of mixing white in with black and army green, but this time, it works. I’m such a scarfaholic… wallet beware.

Favorite #3: &go Where-To Dress ($108) in heathered sapphire blue


Why are we only coming out with this now? Pair this dress with some gold ballet flats and a cardigan and you’ve got yourself a summer work outfit for dayssss.

Favorite #4: Free to Be Bra ($42) in cherry cheetah dark slate black/giant herringbone black heathered black/deep coal


SO many words  to describe such a tiny bra. A+ for the bright pop of pink against a darker print.

Favorite #5: Healthy Heart Pullover II ($88) in coco pique black white


RULU LS shirts are the best. This one even has a hood! Looks like the sleeve length that was an issue with the similar Stress Less Pullover has been rectified. If you don’t have at least one Rulu LS to throw on after the gym as temperature drops, consider saving your pennies and snapping one up.

The Dud: &go City Skort ($78) in heathered texture printed greyt deep coal


I’m waiting for the Muppets to part the curtain in front and come out to play a musical number. Yes I watched puppets in primetime tonight. I’m a doofus sometimes. No need to remind me.

Additional Notes

  • Plain white Free to Be *Wild on the landing page? Snooze. Not the image you want to use to entice people to take a look at what’s new.
  • Alarming needs to GO AWAY. The Wild Tank and Speed Shorts are still being dropped with this color scheme. This has been the #1 misleading shade for me all year. It looks bright in photos, and it’s an awkwardly dim bittersweet color in real life. Can we all agree to put Alarming to bed already?
  • If you missed out on the jewelled magenta Energy Bra earlier this year, we’ve got your consolation prize for sale. Bon Bon (which looks pretty similar to JM), but it does come with contrasting straps. They should call this colourway ‘Valentine’s Day’
  • Bordeaux drama is running rampant again this week.
  • Another comeback from last winter/spring: Regal Plum. We saw it in a Cool Racerback last week, and now it appears as a fun trim on one of the latest Lighten Up Bras.
  • Ride that Hi-Rise Wunder Under Wave! Last week I purchased the since-renamed Wunder Under Pant (Stirrup) and have fallen IN LOVE with them. (IOU a fit review on them by the way. Cliff’s Notes: they f*cking rock.)
  • The sapphire blue Hi-Rise WUPs were on the short list for this week’s top 5.
  • I’ve never been much of a ‘winter white’ person, but the High Times Pant is here for the taking in heathered herringbone heathered white slate.


  1. I really want the &Go Where-To Dress. Both colors are gorgeous and I can most probably wear those w/ tights and flats until December-ish. So tempted but I will hold off til I can try in-store.

  2. I have so many comments this week!
    1. Picked up the Scuba III in Angel Wing and LOVE. Heathered sapphire is gorgeous but I can’t do 3 Scuba IIIs can I??
    2. Ordered that scarf. I love my vinyasas in dark neutrals, hoping I like this one too.
    3. Definitely bought the dress in gray. Hoping I can wear it with some WUPs or WUCs through fall/winter.
    5. I have this from last year, got the white on WMTM, it’s SO cozy.

    Also, LOL at the dud. Congrats on the barbell work AND the DUs, hope you’re getting excited for the half!

    Do you really love the stirrup pants? Are they really worth it vs regular WUPs? What color did you get?

    1. I think I counted somewhere between 13-15 CRBs in my closet the other day, 10+ Energy Bras and at least 9 pairs of Speeds. Who am I to judge a 3rd Scuba?

      Let me know how you like the scarf? Saw it was cotton instead of rulu, so I’m curious on how soft it will feel!

      Trying to hold out on the dress at least until I can see it in person. Length tends to be a concern with my height. #amazon

      I so far am in mad love with the stirrup WUP. They have seams down the back of the legs, which go against the trademark no-frill style of a WUP, so I’m not entirely sure they warrant the Wunder Under name, but they’re pretty phenomenal for whatever they are. The blocked herringbone/black have this leg warmer looking vibe to them without actually having to wear leg warmers or stupid high socks. I’m a fan 🙂

      1. I’m so glad to hear about the stirrups. I’m dying of curiosity and I haven’t gone to my local store to see if they have them in. I’m tempted to order them, buuuuut have to justify the need as I live in HI. Is it the equivalent of girls wearing shorts & ugg boots?? I have no cold weather trips planned either to justify the purchase further. Crap.

        Love that they’re releasing new FTB and not just the wilds. Like the one you have posted too. The bright pink and the darker colors are a nice combo. Most things lately have been, meh.

        Congrats at hitting a wod again and for the upcoming half marathon (craziness in my book) as well as your bday. Only 2 yrs into my 30s but I enjoy it way more than my 20s. 🙂

    2. &Go City Skort is ALREADY on WMTM. hahahaha go straight to mark down, do not pass go, do not collect $200

      1. You are so right. I think that’s the fastest Dud ever to go to the WMTM dungeon! Anyone who ordered it Tuesday (all 2 of them) probably haven’t even got their full priced orders in the mail yet. Way to go, lulu.

  3. Hi! Have lots of lulu in blue already and ordered the heathered butter pink scuba III! Also a sucker for textured luxtreme so picked up the pace rivals in purple. I’m in CT too and looking foward to hearing about your half marathon recap.

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