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The calendar has officially crossed into fall territory, but it’s still just a tid bit too warm to be wearing boots. I saw umpteen million girls at the Big E yesterday trying SO HARD to be all #OMGFALL #BOOTS #SWEATERS <3, but the fact of the matter was it was still 75 degrees out. I was walking around in denim shorts and metcons. I’m all about the fall look, but let’s pump the brakes, ladies. Be practical. I’m sure 98% of you were regretting that decision and trying not to let your boyfriends know that you had seriously swampy and sweaty feet in those boots all day long. Assess the weather forecast (not the date the calendar says) and dress appropriately.

As for the clothes you’re heard to read my ramblings about, dark hues in lulu’s latest rage on, with one minor exception in Bon Bon. While it doesn’t seem to always get the most hype, I’m excited to see some more from the &go line, given my penchant for turning lululemon into business casual.

What We Love – 9/25/15

WWL1 copy

Looks like Black Cherry is also making a comeback this year! Kinda sort of Scuba in the front, kind of sort of peplum-ish in back. I do like the tailored look, but wonder how good this would look on taller girls. It seems short. There’s a water-resistant hood hiding in that collar, which is a plus.WWL2 copy

I like it, but don’t love it. The heathered black is very wintry, but the short sleeves are not. However, the words “rulu” and “pockets” are used in the description of this one, so it could end up being a sleeper at first, and a big hit once the world gets a chance to try it on. Dresses with pockets are magical.

This just looks too big on her. Like an oversized Go the Distance Jacket. Not loving. The gathering in back is meant to give the wearer some shape, but the flare on the bottom looks a little funny when the waist is cinched.

I’ve never had good luck with stretchy pencil skirts. Wouldn’t think this to be any different. #mehWWL4 copy

Just put these on WMTM now with the rest of their pants twins.WWL4

These have potential! My only concern is that the back pockets seem to sit a bit high. On her, whatever. On me, that look tends to make my butt look 2 sizes larger than it is. That’s the kind of negativity I just don’t need in my life.WWL5 copy

Here’s the bright spot (literally) in this week’s preview: Bon Bon! Bon Bon is essentially Jewelled Magenta and Pink Lemonade mixed together. If you’re looking for something to wear to your box’s Barbells for Boobs in October, here ya go. Breast Cancer awareness month is almost here, meaning there’s going to PINK UP THE WAZOO until the last Halloween ghost says “BOO!”. (Hey look! I rhymed!)


Anyone else think that heathered sapphire blue looks like periwinkle?

Oh crap I have to be out the door in 10min to go watch football. Go Pats. Boo Jags.

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