WMTM Alert! – 10/1/15

WMTM Alert

OCTOBER HOLY CRAP! T-10 days until the half marathon. 5 days until I’m 30, but who’s counting?

We Made Too Much – 10/1/15

  • Narrow bold stripe Wunder Under Pants! Cuteness. Sizes 4 & 12.
  • Full-on Luxtreme Top Speed Crops if you can stand the slippery fabric and pulling zipper side pocket…
  • Still trying to offload all the Jet Crops
  • Back spin stroke Inspire Tight IIs
  • Full-on luon Skinny Groove pants! I’ve always thought of these as an underdog.
  • The zigzag Ebb to Street Pants are in another attempt to unload.
  • The oddly side-slit Breezy Crop isn’t a surprising listing.
  • The &go City Skort is up after LESS THAN 48 HOURS. Whoever greenlighted this design in the first place made a bad choice. (Worth noting… the ones that just got dropped 2 days ago are marked down to $59, while the floral sport bomb from July is going for $34. Just price them all to move at $19, already.)
  • The plain black Miss Misty is $69, while the funny prints are $59. Still not the $39 they were in the summer warehouse sale. The pricing fail continues.
  • If it weren’t for the diamond pattern in the front I’d call the Seva Sweater a decent buy.
  • Black Yin to You Sweater for $49? Size 4 & 12 only.
  • Crosscourt Petal Black Cool Racerback for $29. This doesn’t shock me. The printed CRB game was not very strong this summer.
  • ALL SIZES (except 12) are available in the heathered pretty purple Wild Tank.
  • Size 10 & 12 Speed Short fans, they’re available in mini pop stripe mink berry/black.

A sizeable amount of adds, but nothing that makes me feel like digging into this month’s lulu money so fast.

Thoughts? I know I was a little late on this one today. Did I miss anything?


  1. A new What The Sport Short went up, the cranberry snake pattern. I called my store and had them put my size on hold, because WMTM WTS Shorts go pretty quickly. I also noticed a Boogie Short in the same colour.

  2. Couldn’t believe it when the count was 90 while I was in carline early this morning. Ordered the Crew Love Pullover in speckled black and the mink berry black stripe whatever. I love the fatigue one I got, and hope I ordered the same size on the fly! Later, went back and got the Ebb to Street in heathered harbor blue (hope they don’t show sweat in yoga!) and the WUP stripe. Wore my cranberry Definitely Raining Jacket today for the first time and loved it! Also loving the Go the Distance jacket so much!! I wouldn’t have given it a second look if you hadn’t posted about it! Thank you!! Day 7 of rain here and more to come, so I’m thrilled with these purchases.

  3. it may bite me in the tushy but i bought 2 pairs of sculpt shorts to wear to yoga. i hate how crops feel during hot yoga so maybe the sculpts are the answer.

    ive read reviews about them being sheer but since im short, my tops are always too long on me anyway, so this might just work.

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