WMTM “Alert” – 9/17/15

I’m using air quotes for this week’s edition. Last week, only 5ish items were added to WMTM. This week, the count is lower than it was this morning, but the order in which everything displays has definitely been rearranged. 

  • Last week, jackets and long sleeves were in the spotlight, and now lulu is really looking to offload some PANTS.
  • A WMTM rarity, the High Times Pant and Wunder Under Hi Rise are available in Sunset Stripe Palm (or whatever you call it, I don’t remember.)
  • Some swimwear leftovers are priced to move. 
  • Sweaty or Not Crop Tee! Doh! I wear this all the time! Not a fan of the metallics, but the gray has been a go-to for me all summer. Love the keyhole in back. 
  • Flow Y Bra in Electric Coral! I love that and wear that all the time too! Only in size 10 though. 

Ok, so they snuck a few fun pieces in there. Go forth and spend… If you feel like it. 

What you all need to do is save up for the Align Pant. Trust me.

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