Lululemon iOS App Updates


Wednesday night means one last cruise through WMTM to check out the baseline for tomorrow’s weekly drop of deals & duds.

Tonight, I was greeted by this notification screen: 
High five! I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I pit stop at local lulu stores to check new gear and sale racks. Finally, a long overdue store finder.

What’s that you see and go “squee”? In-store inventory tracking? Where was this when I was desperately waiting for the pistachio CRB earlier this year?! Oh well, it’s not here yet, but this feature is on its way.

Also, the price display bug in the WMTM section has FINALLY been corrected. The filtering by size and price is still totally defective and useless, but at least there’s been a slight improvement.

Anyone else stoked for this in-store inventory feature to roll out?


    1. Yeah, they have had had an Apple app for a long time now and still nothing for Android. Truthfully I have no idea why and they haven’t really said. It’s a bummer, especially if they add this new feature where you can search for stock in stores.

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