This Week’s Upload: Tap Out Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I will not buy anything this week. I am writing this opening ramble BEFORE upload even happens, and must stick to my guns. Why, you ask? BECAUSE THE AC IN MY CAR BROKE AND IT’S $1200 TO FIX. So yeah. Lululemon, I don’t care what the frack kind of cuteness you’re uploading tonight, I CANNOT GIVE IN. The wound to my savings account is still fresh. Then again, that’s what savings accounts are for. Paying for when important sh*t breaks.

How was everyone’s weekend? Sorry for being so durn quiet lately. I’ve been on the road for work 4 days a week for the past couple weekends, and it’s been a bear trying to somehow attempt to train for a half marathon while eating crap food, working a bunch of overtime and drinking more/sleeping less than I should. After this weekend, I’m staying put for a bit.

HELPFUL HINT: To save yourself from annoyance of checking Lulu & the Box and not seeing a new post, if you scroll down to the bottom of the right hand sidebar, there’s a nifty box where you can sign up to be notified by email every time I post something new. That, or catch new links on the Twitter machine @Luluandthebox. Facebook messes with featured images, and I just plain ol forget about IG. Whoops.

Last week’s WMTM was also so underwhelming I didn’t even post an alert. There were maybe 5 new items, at most? GET IT TOGETHER, SELF.

Onward with all of my favorite things that I can’t have this week.

5 Faves & a Dud – 9/15/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Go the Distance Jacket ($128) in sapphire blue

GotheDistancGAH! I just bought this two weeks ago in black. Tags are off, it’s not going back. I didn’t expect this to come out in sapphire blue. Oh well. Can’t beat a classic. Purty blue would have been nice.

Favorite #2: Run With Me Gloves ($28) in classic stripe jewelled magenta red october/black

RWMGLovesReynaud’s ‘R US over here! Rainbow sherbet stripes win. Believe I bought a pair of these last year off WMTM to match one of my Vinyasa scarves, so this gives me hope that this means there is going to be a beautiful Rulu pink/orange vinyasa coming out soon.

On second thought, this could also be leftover fabric from the 2015 Seawheeze gear. Either way, I’m going to optimistically keep my fingers crossed!

Favorite #3: Circadian Long Sleeve V Neck Tee ($68) in mini pop stripe heathered medium grey black

CircadianThis piece just screams “buy me and layer me with everything this winter!”. Naturally, I want to buy this and layer it with everything this winter.

Favorite #4: Kanto Catch Me Jacket ($148) in ultra violet

KantoJacketSlightly odd, but I like the racerback-ish look on the back of this jacket. Just a little bit of funk without being totally outrageous.

Favorite #5: Scuba Hoodie III ($118) in heathered regal plum

ScubaRegalPlumLIKE. I like. Birthday wish list!

The Dud: Run and Done Toque ($32) in alarming

RunandDoneIt should be a good thing that I struggled to come up with a Dud this week, right? I bought a Water Bound Hoodie last year, which had a ponytail hole in the hood. For some odd reason I just can’t get behind the ponytail hole in headgear. It’s a great idea in theory, but in execution sure looks funny. Also, I’m pretty over the alarming trend. NEXT!

Additional Notes

  • So. much. purple! Ultra violet and regal plum are running the table this week.
  • Fall is coming in a big way, strappy tank tops have been phased out in favor of LS shirts to stock your closet with.
  • The Kanto Catch Me Long Sleeve reminds me a lot of the Race Your Pace LS, easily one of my favorites from last season.
  • Rulu is back! Soft and thick. (That’s what she said)
  • Interestingly enough, even after introducing the Scuba III, Lulu keeps cranking out Scuba II’s. I still don’t own one. Does anyone who owns both have an overwhelming preference one Scuba over the other?
  • Back on the scene in a muted fashion is heatheres sea mist in both the Swiftly LS & SS, plus the Free to Be bra.




    1. Hi Amy! I actually went a little big on this one in anticipation of layering underneath. The 10 is a bit floppy on me, and the lulu size chart says I’m an 8. If you’re looking for a flattering fit, I’d recommend staying TTS, unlike what I did.

      1. Thanks!! Your sizing info is always so helpful, since we’re in the same range! BTW, we’re going into fall, so AC might be non-essential?

      2. You don’t realize how much you need the AC system to work all year round until it’s super humid out and you suddenly can’t defrost the fogged up windshield. Not exactly good for visibility!

        It was super humid out last week, and driving around in 90+ degree temps with nothing but moist air blowing through the vents was the SUCK!

        As unhappy as my savings account is, I’m happy to have it fixed 🙂

      3. Good point on the AC, Miss Responsible Voice of Reason. Just tried on my Go the Distance jacket (TTS), and I am in love!! Thanks for featuring it! The only down side is that the blue makes me think of Duke. Yuck!

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