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5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

There’s nothing like daylight dwindling faster than expected to make you hurry your ass up on an evening run. Soooo that intended 4 miler today turned into a 2.5. But hey, I opened up my stride a lot more. Does that count for anything? Probably not. I’m really sucking at this whole half marathon training thing. Business trips on 3 consecutive weekends = not helping. What a miserable 45 minutes it was on a treadmill last Thursday while staring at a blank wall in a random Embassy Suites hotel fitness center. Not going to even dignify it with the word ‘gym’.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Mine included everything from behaving on Bourbon Street in New Orleans (lame, I know) to doing the opposite and enjoying multiple adult beverages once I got home from biz trip #1. I managed to run the gamut of sunny skies, thunder & lightning, super happy and extremely hangry. Also tried beignets for the first time! Nutritionally atrocious, and I’d do it again.

Onward with the weekly picks! Not gonna lie, this week’s upload did not blow my proverbial skirt up.

5 Faves & a Dud – 9/8/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Light as Air Hipster ($18) in mini cherry cheetah ultra violet naval blue/naval blue

LAAHipsterReader: Underpants? Did she really just go there?

Me: Yeah I did. On a recommendation from a friend, I recently gave both the Light as Air Hipster and Thong a try, and I have been quite happy with said purchases. Do I NEED to build up an extensive collection of $18 underwear? No. Will I? Es posible.

Favorite #2: Flow Y Bra IV ($42) in pipe dream blue

FlowYQuite honestly, this could have uploaded last week and I just missed it. My brain’s been in a fog lately. Either way, this is going on the list, despite the fact that I need another sports bra like I need a hole in the head.

Favorite #3: Definitely Raining Jacket ($198) in cranberry


Good thing I finished my last bite of gluten-free Whole Foods pizza before I took a look at the price tag on this. I know this isn’t a new jacket, but for some reason I had it in my head it was down more in the $150 range, not a double Benjamin. It’s still gorgeous. All you fall-holics out there, this is going to A) look wonderful with your skinny jeans & boots and B) keep you protected from when you accidentally slip on some wet leaves and spill your PSL all over the place.

Favorite #4: Sunset Salutation Tank ($58) in heathered pink lemonade/pink lemonade

SunSalI’m playing the cute card on this one. The pink lemonade is a great color, girly without being TOTAL bubblegum. It also has the fun gathered look in the back that looks like when I try to tuck my Wild Tank into the band in back when I don’t want to be showing that much skin in the grocery store. Oh… no one else does that? Just me? Cool.

Favorite #5: Circadian Tank ($48) in black

CircadianThis one wins points for the scoop neck and its ability to be layered into office outfits. Not the jazziest option, but one can never have too many essential black tanks. It wins bonus points for not being a total racerback in back.

I unfortunately had to pitch my #1 go-to black tank this morning after I spilled car battery acid on myself last week (true story) and instead of coming out in the wash, it ATE THROUGH the fabric. Whoops. Thank heavens it was from Old Navy.

The Dud: Super Squad Short ($54) in windy blooms regal plum multi/ultra violet/naval blue

SuperSquadPoor girl can’t even keep a straight face about these. This is what happens when you draw the short straw on photo shoot day. Just not a fan of this new print.

Additional Notes

  • As forecasted, polka dots are beginning to pop up a bit more. Somehow ‘windy blooms’ seemed like a more marketable color name than “watercolor & dots”.
  • For lulu lovers who consider cranberry a little too intense, bordeaux drama is making a considerable comeback. It’s here this week in the Define Jacket, Stress Less Hoodie (also a comeback piece), Find Your Mantra Henley, Swiftly Tech SS (Heathered BD), Stillness Pant, In the Flow Crop II, Pace Rival Crop *Reflective and Follow Your Bliss Bag.
  • Last week’s pant-centric hullabaloo seems to have died down. This week is back to a healthy combination of tops & bottoms.
  • The Give Me Qi Crop is new this week. Some interesting paneling and seams are involved that I don’t quite understand.
  • Another new print sneaking in this week is mini coast camo deep navy multi. Again, it’s less camo and more high school water color art project than anything else. Or, funky zebra.


  1. 1. Love the light as air thong. It’s my go to for under fancy dresses.
    2. The align pants are magical. I tried them on tonight and $98 just floated out of my wallet. I did not need plain black pants but hot damn do they make my butt look good.

    That is all.

    1. I reeeeally want to try the Align Pant on, but I also fear that airborne $98 that should probably be paying to fix the AC in my car instead 😳

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