What We Love – Salty Swim


Lulu summer has begun, and the next wave of swimwear (no pun intended) is on deck for Tuesday!

Catch the full post on HeyLululemon.com (minus my snarky commentary) here.

2015-05-07 WWL1B Although I don’t feel like I personally can pull off the front racer look, I don’t necessarily hate it. However, something about the boxy shape in back just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s just that I’m a sucker for lulu’s signature criss-crosses (ahem Energy & FTBW bras), and this here swim top’s got none of that going on.

2015-05-07 WWL2A I’m wondering what other colors this may come in. It looks like it could be fun in black or Harbor Blue that some other swimwear was released in earlier this season. Just not sold on the 1990’s resortwear print.

2015-05-07 WWL2B Lululemon’s summer ‘it’ color (Heathered Jewelled Magenta) makes its way into the water. This is a fun top that I would consider wearing, and makes me cross my fingers that by some rare stroke of luck that swimwear will make its way to stores in the northeast so that I may try before I buy. I haven’t bought any new swimwear in years, and this could be a fun add to the collection of tops I mix in and out with my trusty black VS hipster bottoms.

2015-05-07 WWL3 I LIKE THIS PIECE! The legs are slightly lower cut in front, but if you’re buying a one-piece, chances are you’re more comfortable with conservative swimsuit styles that provide more coverage. I haven’t worn (or even given second thought to wearing) a one-piece in quite some time… yet the Surf to Sand makes me want to. However, I have a gut feeling the price will be something outrageous, like $150.

2015-05-07 WWL4A NO. Just… no. That front panel makes these bottoms look like they’re a jazzy pair of Depends. (Insert emoji of monkey covering his eyes here)

2015-05-07 WWL4B The bow! What is with that drawstring in the back with the bow? I don’t understand. Still… if they come in black, perhaps I’ll give them a try.

2015-05-07 WWL5I don’t this this swimsuit is ready for all this jelly cuz my body too bootylicious for ya babe. //beyonce

2015-05-07 WWL6A The term ‘rashie’ – yikes. Sounds like someone needs to get that checked. Does anyone else recognize this floral pattern from last year’s water collection?

2015-05-07 WWL6B Liking the pattern! I don’t make it a point to run around in booty shorts on the beach. Or… run on the beach in general. But, still cute nonetheless.

2015-05-07 WWL7Hm. Made for paddleboard to pavement. I like the idea. Perfect for taking a hike, hopping into a stream and drying quickly on your way back down the mountain. Lulu, I like where your head’s at.

Overall, some YAY and some major NAYs in this week’s upcoming drop.

What are everyone’s thoughts on lulu swimwear? Take it or leave it?

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