This Week’s Upload: Meet My New Crush, Vesty McFluffin’

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

The things we do when we know the FedEx man has lulu in hand to deliver on any given lucky day. Today, I was home for lunch and the doorbell rang. Thinking it was FedEx, I got all excited and answered the door. NOPE. Just some poor soul who thought he was actually going to get me to listen to his spiel about energy regulation rates etc etc etc. Dude, I came home for a sandwich. I proceeded to inform him that my husband and landlord dealt with that, and I knew nothing. In real life, I have neither a husband or a landlord.

Why couldn’t this guy just be pants?

Then, my car proceeded to die in the most convenient of places. No sarcasm this time. Right outside my front door. I guess if you’re going to be stuck somewhere with no wheels, your own home is the place to do it! My awesome friend Jen gave me a ride to CrossFit because it was squat day. Can’t let a dead battery ruin squat day. Now, we wait for my coworker to pop by and give me a jump so I can get to the nearest auto parts store and get the wheels a new juice box.

Ok, scratch that – coworker just showed up WITH said juice box and helped me swap it out. Car now has enough battery to close the windows and roof before a gnarly thunder storm rolls in. There are also ribs heating up in the oven that my amazing cook of a boss gave to me for dinner. There are good people in this world.

Aaaand now this post is late. Aaaand now I owe my coworker $100, a donut and a few beers.

5 Faves & a Dud – 8/25/15

Favorite #1: The Fluffiest Vest ($168) in naval blue/cypress plaid red tide deep navy

FluffiestWhy yes, I did just let out and audible whimper when I saw this for the first time. Navy blue and plaid screams like the design went rogue from the Brooks Brothers design studio and I don’t care. If only I just didn’t drop the cost of this vest on things like car batteries and a non-lulu dress needed for a family occasion… then maybe I’d have splurged. Self control is beneficial, yet mildly annoying.

Favorite #2: Free to Be *Wild Bra ($48) in ziggy snake fatigue green gator green/fatigue green/pizzaz

FTBWSo what if the FTBW market is a bit saturated, the former tomboy in me likes the more Cabela’s -ish color scheme one a cute piece like this one. High five, lulu! Hope we see more items in pizzazz this season.

Favorite #3: Lighten Up Bra ($48) in black

LightenUpOoooooh, the FTBW’s sophisticated cousin. It’s obviously got the same vibe as the FTBW, but there are some cutouts on the front to make it a bit more distinct. With the thin straps coming together in line at the top, they don’t risk falling victims to the dreaded uneven criss-cross. I’m a fan.

Favorite #4: Skinny Groove Pant *Roll Down ($108) in cyber stripe gator green black/biggie so fly butterfly fatigue green black

SkinnyGroove SkinnyGroove2I haven’t been big into the entomology-themed prints lately, but I’m making an exception on these. The fact that the cyber stripe and the butterfly prints come from the same color family makes this combination work. Also, the Skinny Groove Pants are underrated, IMHO. I have two pair from last year, and really like them. Happy to see these coming out in the more popular high rise as well.

Favorite #5: Scuba Hoodie III ($118) in heathered naval blue

ScubaI know, I know, it’s not wild and crazy. But one could get behind this hoodie as a true staple if you spend any time outdoors in the fall. I may be putting a Scuba III on my birthday wish list this fall. Please, Mom? 🙂

The Dud: Drop it Crop ($102) in butterfly texture mink berry black/black

DropItCropAre we for real? A doofy bitmoji is worth a thousand words…


Other Random Notes

  • Not going to lie, the pretty plume Dance to Yoga Pant had me saying “What are this?!”, and not in a good way. They were actually the leader for the dishonor of the week until I laid my eyes on the abomination above.
  • The late summer tennis push is still happening, we’re seeing the Ace Tank in pipe dream blue/snake print to go along with last week’s Ace Skirt. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the US Open’s kicking off in NYC on Monday?
  • As mentioned in WWL, the 3rd incarnation of the Ta Ta Tamer has debuted this week.
  • Pipe Dream Blue also makes an appearance in the Sweaty or Not Bra II & Seva Sweater.
  • As for Pink Lemonade (got the CRB & Speeds last week), the color’s pretty prevalent this week:
  • Infuse some white, and the Speed & Run Times Shorts get their turn to play frozen lizard… aka mini ziggy snake caspian blue pipe dream blue/pipe dream blue.
  • Think someone may have left a box of Jewelled Magenta In Flux Jackets in the warehouse. Or on the loading dock at a seaport somewhere. That color’s from the spring!
  • Also arriving a little late to the party is the Scuba Hoodie II in space dye twist printed iris flower grapefruit/iris flower/iris flower.
  • In anticipation of everyone’s favorite layering look for fall, the latest heathered Cool Racerback comes in fatigue green.

Is anyone’s wallet lighter this week? After last week’s splurge, I’m sticking to my guns, no matter how much I like that plaid vest.


  1. i cannot tell a lie. I WANT THE FLUFFIEST VEST! *whew* glad i got that off my chest.

    i shouldnt though since i have 2 vests to rotate for the undecidedly not cold winters we have here.


  2. Your posts 5 fave and a dud are hilarious. You have the best lulu “analysis” of any blog I read….Thanks for doing what you do! The funny part is that we don’t even have the same taste at all. Some of your duds have been my Tuesday evening purchases! Though of course not today. What on earth are those pants?

    1. Thanks for reading, and for the nice words! It’s always fun to see and hear different perspectives on each week’s drop. Ain’t no shame in one girl’s HELL NO being your OH YES! Less risk of selling out in your size, am I right? 🙂

  3. Juice box… Love it lol. You crack me up. On a lulu note, I was never a fan of fatigue green, and I know it never really went away, but dang it’s back in full force again. Ugh that color. I thinking of getting the white speeds, though those were from last weeks upload. Had to ponder it for a few days.

    1. Eeks! So you may want to brace yourself (and let your wallet rejoice)… Agent Athletica’s rundown of the latest gear overseas features a crap ton of fatigue green that will inevitably make its way to North America in the next few weeks. :/

  4. Glad I’m not the only one who gleefully greets the FedEx delivery person! What a letdown! Don’t hate me, but I ordered all 3 vests. I thought they might sell out and couldn’t choose just one. Need more time to decide! I think navy will be the keeper, even though I have last year’s more fitted navy vest. Why are the others so shiny? Rapper’s girlfriend is not the look I’m going for in carline. Also ordered the fatigue CRB and the tie dye alarming swiftly, which I’m already returning in my mind, since I’ll get it just in time for Labor Day weekend. Love the skinny groove! Any idea how the sizing of the roll down compares to last year’s pants? The mini pop stripe stripe speeds are in my cart, but I’m hesitant. Can’t wear them to yoga . . .

    1. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that there’s nothing like ordering down vests from the ball field on a 90 degree evening.

    2. Haha, no hate at all! A girl’s gotta do what she’s got to do. Totally agree with you on the rapper’s gf thing, but the navy one seems the most reasonable.

      Have not yet tried on a new pair of Skinny Grooves this year, so I unfortunately don’t have any Intel on the high rise.

      You COULD wear Speeds to yoga, as long as you’re ok with risking giving everyone in the studio a potentially free show 😛

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