What We Love: Cranberry & Tamed Ta Ta’s

lululemonWhat We Love

For some unknown reason, HeyLululemon threw out a poll a few weeks ago asking if we wanted to see WWL stay on Thursday, or move back a day until Friday. I cast my vote for Thursday, and ended up being in the minority! Boo. WWL has found a new home on Fridays. For you more … *ahem* … top heavy ladies, the big to-do of the week has to do with the Ta Ta Tamer III. Per Katelin:

3 key updates you’ll notice:
We improved the comfort of this style by correcting the strap placement and increasing the length of the straps and band
We improved the shape of the bra, mainly by reshaping the cups so it gives a more lifted sensation
We increased the stability on the sides and centre mesh of the bra to help reduce bounce, moving this bra into the High Support category

WWLFeature - CopyIn other news, the snake prints & cranberries are still going strong. Here’s what else is going on this week:


Canada is seeing the Sunset Salutation Tank, which looks to be the Wild Tank’s slighty more conservative sister. The loose styling is there, as is the classic lulu criss-cross, but this one provides more coverage in the back.

WWL2 - CopyThe Sunset Salutation LS looks like something to be worn to ballet class. If you’re into ballet and/or barre, this would be a cute piece to add into your rotation as the weather cools down.

WWL3Bah! Haven’t escaped the flutterbies just yet. I’m also squinting with one eye and cocking my head sideways trying to figure these shorts out. It’s as if the Astro Pant, Speed and Liberty Shorts got together and had a baby. They call it ‘this technical fabric’ – what is this technical fabric of which they speak?

WWL3 - CopyThe Wrap it Up Tank went to WMTM on the express train, yet here it is again, this time in Cranberry.

WWL4Sapphire Blue WUP Hi-Rise. O_o <3

WWL4 - CopyI appreciate the character that the tie die gives the latest version of the In the Flows, but does anyone else notice that they both give you and have the same amount of syllables as ‘camel toe’?

WWL5Espresso Hi-Rise WUP. I like this color when it’s actually an espresso served to me. In pants? I could take them or leave them. Nah, I can leave them.

Who’s excited for something on this list? I like the Sunset Salutation Tank, but I know I wouldn’t wear it. Totally okay with nothing exciting coming up as part of Tuesday’s drop, seeing that caved and bought a couple items this past week.



  1. I hope we see Swiftlies in Pink Lemonade this coming week. I want both a short and long sleeve. I got my Pink Lemonade CRB and Speeds today and I am in love. I must buy ALL the Pink Lemonade! Nothing tempting me in WWL. Although the Sunset Salutation LS is pretty.

      1. No wonder I like pink lemonade so much – it is a near perfect match to my flash light CRB. I will have to make a return today. But I’m keeping those pink lemonade speed shorts!

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