WMTM Alert! – 8/27/15

WMTM Alert

Another Thursday, another 40ish new items! 72 –> 114.

  • The Back Pack it Jacket didn’t do so hot, it’s now marked down to $89
  • Same with the Pack it Vest
  • The Rain Check Jacket looks like a nice roomy basic piece deal, marked down to $69
  • The oddly graphic printed Snapshot Tee with winter 2014-2015 prints is now trying to find a new home
  • Bahahah, nobody wanted the fairly new Dance to Yoga Tank in the ace spot dottie dash nonsense.
  • Cool to Street Tank is marked down, didn’t really love this one.
  • Plain Black and Bali Breeze Wrap It Up Tanks for $39! Sizes 4 & 6, mostly
  • Black Cherry/Clear Mint Away Dress – fun piece, odd colors
  • Lots of Hold Your Om Bra II’s!
  • One piece of swim, the Surf to Sand Tie Top for $19
  • SIZE 8 LADIES: 7 colourways of Wunder Under Pants for $59!!!
  • WHAT THE HELL lulu, the Day Trip Boyfriend pant is now $49. I just paid $59 last week! Whatever, if you don’t have these yet, I said it last week and i’ll say it again. I freakin’ love these. Get them.
  • Skinny Groove Roll-Downs available in sizes 4-6
  • Training Tough Crop with the giant mesh panels on the back have arrived on WMTM as expected.
  • HOW in the world are the heat wave white black WUC’s available in all sizes? I am wearing them right now and freaking love ’em! MAJOR SCORE.
  • 4-way Speed Shorts in SIX patterns

Go forth and save!


      1. We only have 69 items, so not too many new ๐Ÿ™ we got a few new WUP/WUCN , a few tanks, nothing particularly good ๐Ÿ™ We have had quite a few disappointing uploads for WMTM up here

  1. Every WMTM, I imagine someone cleaning out a back room in the warehouse and finding more old, random stuff (i.e. secret garden, anyone?). This means there’s always hope something I passed may appear in the future, right? I got speeds and the navy ebb to street pants! Very happy!! By the way, the verdict on my Day Trip Boyfriend pants – I like them, but not as much as my Athleta Bettona pants/jeggings. I was surprised to see that they have 0% lycra! Unlike the other 2 garments I own that are called Warpstreme. Still, they’re a solid wardrobe addition when you can’t wear leggings or skinny jeans somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Haven’t given Athleta gear much consideration, nothing tends to catch my eye whenever I’m in there. Maybe I’ll have to sneak a peek in next time I’m near our local store.

      Happy to hear you found some other deals on great pieces you like! I also share your random warehouse hypothesis! I don’t even remember them trying to sell the Away Dress in Black Cherry/Clear Mint at full price…

  2. OhMyGosh! I’m going to have to delete the app. Trying to reign it in and I got the camo boyfriend day trip pants, the away dress (because I’ve been saying no for too long), and now I have to go back for the heatwave wonder unders. I did so much damage buying bugs during Seawheeze that I’m going to have to eat Ramen noodles.

    1. But I mean… you’re going to be the best dressed ramen eater this side of anywhere!

      Splurge on lulu, cut corners elsewhere. Totally balances out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey! You’ve made me extremely tempted to get the Day Trip BF Pants even though I don’t even wear proper pants. Would you be able to advise on the fit? I’m 5’10 and my waist is closer to a 6 but my bum is definitely an 8. I also have pretty muscular thighs and calves. Would appreciate your help!

    1. Hi Marie! I’m 5’9″ with a size 8 waist and size 10 on the bottom half. I opted for the size 10 in the DT BF pant.

      There’s a little bit of room (I’d say about a 1/2″) in the waistband, but they rest nicely on my hips. The tiny bit of extra space is in line with the pants’ relaxed styling.

      If you’re not into proper pants (I know the feeling), these are a great way to be the most comfortable one in the room, while laughing to yourself that you’re totally wearing lululemon.

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