WMTM Alert! – 8/13/15 (Updated)

lululemonWMTM Alert

Yesterday, I was running out of the house and out of time to type as I waited for a friend to pick me up and head to the Patriots/Packers game. This post looked like crap the first go around, so I’m back to clean that -ish up for ya.

WMTMCheapLuluAt upload, We Made Too Much went from 40ish to 79 items! Now it’s at 73.

  • Ace Spot Lullaby didn’t do too well at full price, but it sold out quick at a discount. Run Times, Speeds & Tracker Shorts WERE available, but they’re gone now.
  • Miss Misty Jacket II‘s are $69 again after being discounted all the way to $39 in July’s online warehouse sale. Fail. I’m actually glad that they effed up my warehouse sale order and I didn’t get this jacket. Saw it in person and do not like it as much as I thought I would.
  • Dottie Dash ace spot roll down WUCs showed up in WMTM as predicted, but somehow those are gone now too. WHO IS BUYING THESE?!
  • Deepest Cranberry Wunder Under Crops from last year are still available in size 10. I have a friend who bought a pair last year and they look great on her. If this is your size, snap these up!
  • Lulu can’t seem to offload some of the crazier patterned Inspire Crops in full-on Luxtreme. Hopefully this teaches them that the demand for patterns is high, EXCEPT when in this fabric.
  • Cool Racerback Tank = meh gray one added in with the floral sport multi and that papier mache looking sunset pattern from the True Self capsule, but $29 is $29.
  • The Tranquil blue Pleat to Street Skirt II could be cute if you wear a long enough top to hide the polka dot waistband. This one showed up on WMTM QUICK. It was just in last week’s Deep Thoughts With Lulu! Poor Walter.
  • I consider it a deal that the Roll-Down Wunder Under Pants in heat wave white black made it to WMTM. I have the crops – and am also having a hard time not getting these too.


  1. Just checked out WMTM again after seeing it yesterday, and I saw the pacesetter skirts on there are marked at $49. I bought a black one when they first hit WMTM for $39. Pretty shady if you ask me…

  2. As I unpacked my order which contained the ace spot spring break away shorts, pleat to street with ace spot waistband, and dottie dash ace spot roll down WUC, I giggled and thought of you. I do wish the roll downs had a matching or darker waistband. The lighter pattern, while it will never see the light of day, highlights my worst area.

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