2015 Seawheeze Showcase Madness


Seawheeze weekend is here, and I’ve been IG creepin’ all morning to see everyone’s hauls! So far my favorite items are the pink & orange combo, which totally makes me want some rainbow sherbet. Chizzeck em out!











  1. I was stalking IG all day too looking for this stuff. The stuff looks pretty adorable, and I LOVE all the bright colors. So vibrant and cute. I can’t really tell, but it looks like inspire tights in the third picture from the top. If so, I may need to hunt those down. I love those tights, and I love that pattern with the pop of pink.

  2. Those are passion crops in that picture. They had inspires in that print too but without the pink. The passion crops came home with me!

    1. Both those Passion Crops and the Pink/Orange CRB caught my eye! TBD if I’m willing to pony up ebay $ for anything just yet. May wait a while to let the excitement calm down and see if there’s anything I am still jonesing for enough to pay sky high prices πŸ™‚

  3. Not sure what size you are, I’m an 8 but I grabbed two pairs of passion crops (different patterns) and truthfully, I don’t need two. If you are an 8 and really want one, I’m happy to sell them to you for what I paid. No ridiculous ebay prices! Just let me know!

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