What We Love: Bugs & Berries

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WWL gave me a dose of my own late medicine this week! Despite the fact that it’s in the 90’s here, Lulu is already shifting into fall mode. Buh bye to the limited amount of bright colors we saw this summer, and on to the warm hues that bring on the feelings of football & foliage… and apparently, bugs. WTF.

What We Love – 7/31/15

In Flux

First up, the In Flux jacket gets a pretty Cranberry treatment. I am REALLY liking this color, and am curious how the side by side will look with Bumble Berry. Cranberry is definitely more on the reddish/pinker side. Cue emoji face with hearts for eyes.

Pace Rival

Why. Why, why why? Whose boss let this print be okay? Granted, there have been much worse that have made it into production (and ultimately their rightful home in WMTM), but I’m still not feeling the vibe here. Maybe if you’re into butterflies, you’re anxious for Tuesday. I’m not into butterflies, so I am not anxious for Tuesday.


I see the word butterfly in this print description, but I don’t see it in the print. Perhaps you have to zoom in like crazy. Perhaps I won’t, because I’m not that desperate to know. Already came to the conclusion that Defines don’t look right on me, so this who “what exactly is this print?” thing is really a non-issue in my book.


Heathered Cranberry CRB. I WANT DIS.


Forget the snake print, they’re about to upload some prime fodder for the next installment of Deep Thoughts with Lulu. I do really enjoy Pipe Dream Blue though, it’s one of my favorite Energy Bras. Hopefully this signals a Pipe Dream comeback!


More printed pant buggery. It looks a lot like the Gator Green Palm party that was going on earlier this year. Scratching my head as to why they’d come out with such a similar pattern so soon. If you glance quickly, they kind of look like shamrocks. Save them up and wear them as your annual St. Patrick’s Day party pants? You’ll definitely be more comfortable than anyone else.

All in all, the only pieces jumping out at me so far are the CRB & In Flux. I’ve loved fall long before all the pumpkin spice latte-drinking white girls took it over and made it cliche, so I’m amped for the warmer hues!


  1. I thought of you when I saw that Snake swiftly photo. I had this exact thought: “LLATB is going to do some work doodling on that shot and I can’t wait to see it!”

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