This Week’s Upload: Pass Me a Cranberry Lemonade!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Does anyone else out there get squat hunger? As in, you do a high volume of back squats one day, and can’t stop filling your face the next. That was me this afternoon, after yesterday’s WOD was 50 back squats @ 105lbs followed by an 800m run. I may or may not have used it as an excuse to add on some froyo, plantain chips, chocolate covered pretzels and swedish fish to today’s menu.

Then, today’s WOD involved running a mile, 50 burpees, rowing 1k and 50 more burpees. Something tells me that my nutritional mischief was somewhat managed. SOMEWHAT.

“Fall” is here, at least according to lululemon. Because nothing makes me want to buy long sleeves and fuzzy clothes like 95 degree temperatures and copious amounts of sunshine. Animals are the flavor of the week, as evidenced by both the onset of butterflies and snakes in this week’s upload. Away we go!

5 Faves & a Dud – 8/4/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Energy Bra ($48) in pink lemonade

Energy LemonadeHonestly, I don’t understand the rapid fire release of grapefruit, light flash and now pink lemonade. So similar, but a pretty color nonetheless. Happy to see this bra didn’t fall victim to the stupid strap treatment that ruined the Iris Flower Energy Bra earlier this summer 🙂

Favorite #2: Run: Inspire Crop II (Mesh) ($96) in mini ziggy snake pipe dream blue sapphire blue/pipe dream blue

Inspire SnakeWhat a long name for this pattern. Why can’t they just call it Blue Geometric Snake? There’s something strange about it, but I like it. Pipe dream blue FTW!

Favorite #3: High Times Pant ($98) in cyber stripe naval blue black

HighTimesOooooohhhh, this looks promising in the stripe alignment department! I’m going to have to exercise some serious self restraint on these. Do I want them? Hell yes. Do I NEED them? Probably not.

Favorite #4: Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu ($48) in heathered herringbone heathered slate black

VinyasaPERFECT addition to all of the black & gray textured pieces that make up my entire winter wardrobe. Still in vacation payoff mode. Hopefully this scarf sticks around long enough for me to feel rich enough to add it to my collection!

Favorite #5: In Flux Jacket ($128) in cranberry

In FluxHoly price tag, Batman. Anyway, the color is what earns the 5th spot of the week. It’s just so rich and beautiful.

The Dud: Wunder Under Crop II *Full-On Luon (Roll Down) ($92) in ace spot grain black/dottie dash grain black

Dot WUCSO MANY DOTS. STOP THE DOTS. asksfjklngjrlgnjfdksgdnngjfdglnjfdkg.

Additional Notes

  • For those of you who missed out on the magical Pretty Plume High Times *Wraps last week, there are a pair of consolation prizes: WUCs and Boogie Shorts!
  • The apperance of the snake print Swiftly Racerback and Inspires give me hope that Pipe Dream is making a comeback. It’s such a gorgeous hue.
  • The Define Jacket is also getting the cranberry treatment, which I envision to be a fall staple in many girls’ closets.
  • Long sleevers and Sweaters are coming back into the mix. Not loving the Seva Sweater, nor do I envision the super wide neckline of the Inner Essence LS behaving.
  • The Amala Tank is looking like a promising layering piece for fall. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one drop stateside since seeing it on the UK site eons ago.
  • One new CRB in the states this week… in those stupid dots. Guess we will have to patiently hang around until the Heathered Cranberry makes its way south of Saskatchewan.
  • The 3rd incarnation of the Groove Pant is making its way quietly into the mix.
  • Is anyone else scratching their heads wondering what the difference is between roll-down Wunder Unders and the High Rise? They look awfully similar.
  • So many Pleat to Street Skirts! Feels like one is coming out weekly. Tried one on earlier this summer, and it didn’t feel very flattering.
  • I have no business spending $14 on a pair of socks, but the chevron mesh inkwell? Me likey.


  1. I got the pretty plume WUC. Like you said, do I need them, no, do I want them, HELL YEAH. I lucked out and actually like them more than the wrap version from last week’s upload. Something about the wraps seems a little too girly to me.

    It must be in Lulu’s DNA to put out a bunch of similar colors right in a row. I can’t think of any examples at the moment, but I know a number of occasions where I was confused why all the colors looked the same/similar.

    Pipe dream blue and cranberry… beauties!

  2. Normally I’m not into ‘girlier’ patterns and styles, but the pretty plume is indeed that… pretty. However, I’m scared enough to wear my cyber stripe silver fox high times out of the house in fear of dirt, so it wouldn’t make sense to add another light piece to the collection.

    As for the color repetition, I hopped on Clear Mint like it was nobody’s business this year, only for Pistachio to roll around. Good thing I love lime green and both are getting heavy rotation.

    I noticed in store just about a week ago in the CRB section there was White, Butter Pink, Strawberry Milkshake and Neutral Blush all hanging there blending into one another. NOT NECESSARY.

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