WMTM Alert! 6/18/15

lululemonWMTM Alert

Fun Fact: my phone now knows the acronym WMTM. Item count 11p ET last night: 16

The teasery begins. Quick rundown of my mental morning.

WMTMCheapLuluItem count 7a ET today: 17. (4 way Speeds in Fresco Blue, Clear Mint, Crushed Black Cherry & Jungle Camo) ALL sizes and all colors faded out. 10:00a ET and it’s back to 16. All You Need Bra is now down to Scratch Match Black & Jewelled Magenta.

12:28p ET 16 > 48 items! Now we’re talking! Catch it all here.

  • Smaller girls are in luck with the Hot to Street Tank. Mostly size 2-4 available, except in Heathered Slate.
  • Scoop Back Tank in black – size 4 only
  • Wow. People actually bought the Sea Me Run Singlet? Sizes 8-12 available.
  • Sizes 10 & 12 hit the jackpot with the Swiftly Tech Racerback in heathered jewelled magenta and heathered lullaby
  • The capilano B&W stripe Cool Racerback is available in sizes 4-10. $29 is a deal I’m going to pass on. Still holding out for more bright solids to come out this summer!
  • Fans of the Studio Racerback, stripes & star crushed silver fox await you in many sizes
  • Larger girls with smaller chests, the Free to Be Bra is available in 3 colourways in a size 12
  • On the flip side, size 2’s luck out with the FTBW in Vintage Green
  • Sizes 2-4 luck out AGAIN with the Var-City Long Line Bra. I should have bought this months ago. Sad to be missing out on this!
  • Other available bras: Flow Y IV, Hot to Street, 50-Rep, Ta-Ta Tamer, Pedal Pace, All You Need, In a Flash [Edit: the jungle camo Energy bras were gone in less than an hour!]
  • The Retreat Dress & Salty Swim Dress have made an early arrival to WMTM, no shock here.
  • Neon Alien Warfare (Iridescent Multi) lovers, you’ve got the following to choose from: Inspire Tight II, Top Speed Crop & Inspire Crop II. All listed come in Full-On Luxtreme. I am NOT a fan of Full-On Luxtreme.
  • Wunder Under Crops (both StandardRoll-Down) are available in star crushed coal black. Don’t be an idiot and almost order the wrong ones. Caught myself before ordering the NON roll-down pair by mistake. For those who love high waists and hate muffin tops, the roll-downs will set you back an additional $5. Worth it.
  • The Boogie Shorts make a quick appearance if you’ve got the confidence for those. I do not.
  • Bag Ladies, do a happy dance. The Rejuvenate Yoga Tote is joined by the Party Om Bag and Summer Lovin’ Tote in both nylon (or something like it) and dirt-attracting cotton.

Those are my lunchtime Clif’s notes, $64 of damage done for me. Now it’s your turn! Go forth and get yourself a deal! 🙂


    1. I don’t know to consider it a blessing to my wallet or a curse to my wardrobe when certain prints come out in full on Luxtreme. I refuse to buy that fabric anymore!

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