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Another Thursday is another week of my waiting with bated breath for that damn Pistachio CRB. As I noted on Tuesday, WWL hasn’t been so much of a sneak preview of brand new gear, as much as a quick few hints of what international gear North America will finally get. This week is somewhat a continuation of the same… yet there are a few new colors/prints I haven’t seen yet! Not sure if it’s for lack of searching or because it’s REALLY TRULY new, but hooray nonetheless! Here’s the rundown of new(ish) releases that will be dropping in Tuesday’s upload.

What We Love – 6/18/15

2015-06-18 CRB

First up, the CRB is coming in Grapefruit! I will need to see this in person before snapping it up. Once upon a time, Electric Coral looked kinda bright online, and ended up frickin NEON in real life. I dug it. I dug it to the tune of a Var-City Tank, FTBW and Flow Y Bra. *insert requisite impatient comment about the Pistachio CRB here*

2015-06-18 WUC

These show promise if they don’t show cellulite when I try them on in real life! That’s the tricky part of non-textured lighter-colored crops. I’m a huge fan of High Times and this shade of purple is a win for me. My first pair of roll-down WUCs is in the mail after scoring them on WMTM, so let’s see how those fit before I get all crazy with these.

2015-06-18 RICTank

The capsule of the week is entitled ‘Running in the City’. The new Net Pop print is fun, I tried a pair of Inspire Crops in this pattern last week. However, they were full on Luxtreme, and they were left behind in the fitting room. Lulu has been creating a bunch of tanks lately that incorporate the look of a wearing a bra with straps that don’t match underneath. Not my favorite.

2015-06-18 RICTight

Another car on the high-waisted train, but this mesh is asking to be snagged by my clumsiness. Fun reflective detail though.

2015-06-18 Tracker

Meh. Moving on.

2015-06-18 OTDHoodie

Looks cozy. Looks soft. Looks like wearing a cloud. I like.

2015-06-18 Speeds

First seen overseas in the UK a couple weeks ago, here’s a fresh print on the speeds. Some days I think think print is fun, other days I’m scratching my head. I’m not so into the ballet pinks of the world, but there are some High Times across the pond in the black & white version of this print that have got me crossing my fingers that they aren’t Full On Luxtreme. (I just checked the UK site. They’re luon. YASSSS!)

2015-06-18 Swiftly

As much as I get frustrated with the little pulls that Swiftlys get so easily, I can’t help but find myself wearing my Heathered Scream Green & Fresco Blue Swiftlies ALL. THE. TIME. This color is called Heathered Tranquil Blue and it’s beautiful. My shopping cart is looking forward to this one!

2015-06-18 WUP

Lastly, here’s a funky take on Poseidon called Back Spin Stroke Posiedon Black. Kinda mod, kinda not. Although not horribly ugly, it’s not a big wow. Calling an early arrival to WMTM on these, if only in the name of mediocrity.


  1. I don’t know if my other comment went through – but in the comments on WWL, Katelin said the US will be getting the Pistachio CRB! Yay!

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