WWL’s Katelin Calls Everyone Out

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Comments sections online can be both full of brilliance or total nonsense. In the few times I’ve contributed an excited two cents about a new color on HeyLululemon.com, I’ve been inundated with email notifications next day each time a new lulu lover chimes in.

Lately, lulu hasn’t exactly been bringing NEW product to North America. It seems as though the US and Canada are anywhere from 1-4 weeks behind Hong Kong, Australia and Europe. We all get antsy (myself included), and the comments section always seems to fill up with inquiries on when we are getting the gorgeous threads the rest of the world.

This last Thursday, Katelin put her foot down.


I get where she’s coming from, it doesn’t feel nice to be the one to squash someone’s hopes.

Whoever the buyers are who choose which product drops where and when are putting the poor girl in a bad spot. IMHO, the What We Love posts as of late seem like a rehash of what’s already being sold overseas. No truly new surprises that can’t be scouted out on my own by checking international uploads.

What do you think? Is it all in my head or are others feeling the same way?


  1. Not just you, North Am is definitely getting the shaft lately. I don’t really understand how their supply chain is so out of sync in their main region versus newer, growing regions. And if it’s not their supply chain and they’re doing it intentionally, well, that’s even more baffling.

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