What We Love – Greens & Grapefruits


2015-05-30 WWL

A little late on my weekly ramblings. Sometimes fun things like happy hour & concerts get in the way. Anyhow, we’re seeing green, lots of green. Gator Green, Dragonfly, Toothpaste. I see no Pistachio yet, which makes me anticipate Tuesday even MORE to see if that magical CRB they’re selling in the UK right now will make its way stateside. I’m antsy for Pistachio like many of you were anxiously awaiting the Heathered Jewelled Magenta CRB. I sat out on that one. JM rocks on its own, the heathered look just isn’t for me.

Here are Katelin’s picks:

2015-05-30 A

ANOTHER muted fall color. Come onnnn. I appreciate the adventurous straps. Wish they’d do that with Energy Bras again.
2015-05-30 B

This isn’t Pistachio, but I love the green. May have to dabble in this singlet if the Pistachio CRB doesn’t come through in the next couple of weeks.2015-05-30 C

Swiftlies aren’t really my jam. I have a few LS ones, but they don’t seem to be taking abuse too well. This fabric likes to pull, so be careful.2015-05-30 D

Hmmmm… I like this one! I hope the price point isn’t too high. LIKE = I may snap one up if it ever makes it to WMTM.
2015-05-30 E

We’ve got a new color in da haus! Grapefruit. While it looks more orange in the photos below, here it looks like a washed out Electric Coral.2015-05-30 F

A fan favorite in a very simple color. I still don’t own a Define. Should I? We don’t really have light jacket weather here in CT. It’s either HOT or COLD. No in between.
2015-05-30 G

Ohhhhh boy. I appreciate the effort with the spring floral prints, but this one misses the mark. Unless you’re into wearing a Vera Bradley tote as pants.2015-05-30 H

More colors in the already existing Salty Swim line! Definitely need a tan to pull off the Toothpaste color.

2015-05-30 I

Grapefruit again, looking a bit more orange than I mentioned earlier. Liking the crossback top, but that clip on the back seems a bit large. Is that just me?

Overall, I am liking some of the brighter-colored long sleevers, but just feel like the prints are leaving something to be desired lately. What do you think?


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