Follow the Road to Carson: California Regional (#jackedandtan)


2015-05-31 FeatureHey now, Week 3 is wrapping up so I should probably get on with sharing the sun-kissed games-bound athletes of the California region. Hashtag……..

2015-05-31 JNT


1) Dan Bailey | @dan_bailey9

2) Neal Maddox | @nealmaddox

3) Jon Pera | @jonpera

4) Julian Alcaraz | @009julian

5) Chad Melton | @_chadmelton_


1) Brooke Ence | @brookeence

2) Lindsey Valenzuela | @liftlikelindsey

3) Chyna Cho | @chynacho

4) Alessandra Pichelli | @alessandrapichelli

5) Becca Voigt | @beccavoigt

Quick links to each account are above, or you can follow straight from the embeds below. Oh, and don’t forget about following yours truly @luluandthebox! See you on the insta-machine, fun people.

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