5 Faves & a Dud: 5/16/23 lululemon Upload + Our First Look at the Blissfeel Trail Running Shoe

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon
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For the record, if I can make it until Thursday before hitting “check out” on what’s in my shopping cart, I will have gone a full 30 days without making a purchase at lululemon. I went on quite a bender in Canada last month, so the AMEX has been in time out. Having mentioned it in my last post but not actually sharing what I got… the A+ blogger prize goes to anyone but me.

The Great Canadian Haul of 2023: Part II

  • WovenAir Hiking Overshirt – Runs HUGE. I’m usually an 8, I got a 6. Still swimming in it, but I love it. 10/10 want to buy it in the 2 other colors. Hoping y’all sleep on it so it hits WMTM.
  • Scuba Full-Zip Cropped Hoodie – Runs small, I went with a 10 in this one. My TTS felt like fat man in a little coat. The purchase itself was unnecessary, but I’ve been wearing it a ton.
  • Women’s Power Stride Crew Sock 3 Pack – Whatever lululemon did in 2021 to level up their sock game worked. I can’t get enough of the Power Stride family.
  • Stretch Waterproof Hiking Half-Zip Pullover – Thanks to a freak rain shower on a walk a few weeks ago, can confirm it keeps rain out.
  • Align V-Neck Bra – Felt like I hit the jackpot when I found something that hadn’t hit the US AT ALL at that point in time. It’s super comfy and TTS. Only minor gripe is that it seems the fabric is starting to rip at the center point of the V. IMHO, the V-neck version is superior to the scoop neck Align Bra.
  • Baller Hat Soft Embroidered – Did it for the color. Love it for the color. Unfortunately it’s on the smaller side than my other Baller Hats from years past. It’s smaller from top bottom, not circumference. (That’s plenty adjustable.) I wish it came just a half inch more down toward my ears to fit my egg head.
  • Storage Hike Bra – Looks like Nomad & Hyper Dye Starlight Multi are marked down. I just popped the tags today and really enjoyed how supportive it was. It also feels durable. Will continue to wear throughout the summer. Went with a TTS 8.

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/16/23 lululemon Upload

Favorite #1: Fast and Free Tight 25″ in Paint Drift Multi

These came as part of the Early Access drop in the app this week. The color choices are right up my alley, adding to cart. In case fun pants aren’t your thing but you still like the print, the Fast and Free Running Belt is also an option.

For anyone curious if the pattern is woven… let’s just say that I’ve never (ever, ever) seen a pattern woven into a pair of F&Fs. This is going to be printed on white, but with so much white in the base pattern itself, a little lightening of the pattern if you choose to squat in these shouldn’t look out of place.

Favorite #2: Softstreme High-Rise Short 4″ in Utility Blue

Not entirely sold on the color, but I am sold on the idea of house shorts that don’t have a lining in them. As much as I love my Speed Ups and have started to give the Hotty Hot 4″ HRs a chance, I feel like it’s better late than never to give Softstreme a chance.

Favorite #3: Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Short 4″ in Kelly Green

Is Kelly Green a Maldives Green that’s just a little off? IDK. Either way, I don’t have green shorts. Should I get green shorts? Kind of want green shorts.

Favorite #4: Ebb to Street Tank Top in Lip Gloss

The emerging theme among this group of favorites is this: comfy house stuff. Maybe because my off-season at work just started 2 weeks earlier than anticipated. The cover is off the pool. It is 48 degrees out as I type this. Horses probably need to be held. Good thing I have the matching Cropped Scuba!

Favorite #5: Skinny Scrunchies 6 Pack in Lip Gloss/Mango Dream/Yellow Serpentine/Pistachio/Cyan Blue/Dark Lavender

The color assortment makes me happy. Think rainbow sprinkles for your head. If you don’t like rainbow sprinkles, we’re not friends. Or, you’re my boyfriend. He’s weird.

The Dud: BLOSSOM SILHOUETTE MAX Lilac Smoke Kelly Green

Katy, why are you SCREAMING the first portion of the color name? Because lululemon’s website is *also* screaming the first portion of the color name. Not enough contrast between the two colors next to one another. Not to mention to achieve this, you know it’s got to be printed. Printed nulu is probably going to fuzz. Pass.

Early Access: lululemon’s new Blissfeel Trail running shoe

iOS app users have gotten first crack at lululemon’s first attempt at a trail running shoe. I told myself that I’d give them a try when they released, but one color was released so far, and I’m not entirely sold on it. See for yourself:

lululemon Blissfeel Trail in Light Vapor/Bone/Florid Orange ($158)

Once upon a time, Brooks released a pure white trail shoe and for the life of me it didn’t make sense. As soon as you step foot onto the trail, they’re no longer white. I was hoping for a bit of a darker option… and not all hope is lost. The product page also features a video of the shoe in motion, and there’s at least one earthier color coming our way, eventually. Probably 6 days from now.

lululemon’s new Blissfeel Trail in motion (color names unconfirmed) video property of lululemon

What else has been on my Wish List List lately?

Great question, I would love to tell you. That swimsuit has “Vegas Vacation” written all over it.

Bring me all the Atomic Purple. Now.

All stock images property of lululemon athletica

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  1. Why did Lulu some out with shorts in Kelly Green when it is identical to Maldives Green? I have been waiting for Emerald Green shorts forever 🙁

    1. The fabric is thick but not enough to give me hot spots, they’ve kept their elastic after many washes, the tech fabric helps keep my feet comfortable even when wearing less breathable shoes like my Doc Martens. I ended up wearing the crew socks for a 5mi run yesterday and the didn’t fall down. Strong sock game all around.

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