5 Faves & a Dud: An Upload for the Perfect Date

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon
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It’s April 25th, and you know I can’t ignore it. You’ve surely seen it 3x today already, but I can’t go on until I share the following clip in homage to the classic piece of cinematic genius that is Miss Congeniality.

You already knew this clip was coming…

First off, I’m excited to have the brain bandwidth to update the blog this week. lululemon’s upload has a decent amount of hits and relatively few obnoxious misses… but there is one. It’s hiding in the Early Access drop, available on the lululemon app. Yes, it earned Dudley honors. As happy as I am to see new brights coming down the pipeline, I’m abstaining from ordering today due to a Canadian shopping spree I went on last week. Damage was done.

Doesn’t hurt to add to cart, does it? 😇

5 Faves & a Dud: lululemon’s 4/25/23 Upload

Favorite #1: Tight-Fit Knit Bodysuit in Black

I can’t for the life of me turn down a good onesie as long as the torso doesn’t give me a wedgie in all the wrong places. Excited to see if I can find this one in store and give it a go. Also comes in Powder Blue.

My only concern with this one is that it’s the same thick woven material that the Tight-Fit Knit Bodysuit is, which thick, a little scratchy and prone to pulling if you even dare sit on a rock or a wooden bench. I tried the TFK bodysuit on in Edmonton last week, even on markdown, it wasn’t a winner.

Favorite #2: lululemon Align™ V-Neck Bra in Poolside

I had a little bit o’ Lucky Girl Syndrome in the West Edmonton Mall last week. Wandered aimlessly into lululemon (as I often do) to just take advantage of the “I’m American” discount on whatever tickled my fancy, and spotted an item that hadn’t even made it online yet. Hi ho what’s this pretty in pink thing that I totally don’t need?

Live from the Fitting Room:

I am the proud owner of the lululemon Align V-Neck Bra in Lip Gloss, and it’s as flattering on a normal human as it is on the models.

I am wearing a TTS 8 here.

The US gets its first batch of this comfy lil masterpiece this week, in three colors: Black, White, and Poolside. You already know which color I’m eyeballing next. Pay no mind to the fact that I already own an Align Tank in all 3 colors.

Favorite #3: Wunder Train Tank Top

I’ll admit confusion when I first saw this one. The Invigorate Tank recently went through a rebrand to the Wunder Train Racerback Tank Top, and when I first saw the words & photos for the Wunder Train Tank Top I thought to myself… “this ain’t it”. I need sleep.

3 colors currently available: Chambray, Black, Electric Lemon.

What I like about this one is that it’s got a simple back. We all already own 8 million racerback tanks, so it’s nice to see something a little different than usual. Plus, the thicker straps look like they’re pretty comfortable.

While cuts like this with smaller arm holes sometimes give my big shoulders trouble, I’m still eager to give the Wunder Train Tank Top a go.

It provides more coverage in back, which benefits the wearer in 2 ways:

  1. Less skin on skin contact with a hydration pack/vest, which will reduce chafing
  2. Less criss-cross tan lines in back

Favorite #4: Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt Long in Wild Indigo

Wild Indigo has been doing the most for lifting my spirits out of the winter funk. I’ve managed to only stick with the Super-High-Rise Aligns at this point in time, but had a close call with the Swiftly Short Sleeve at WEM last week. If you’re looking for a bright pop in a relatively non-obnoxious color, look no further.

Thank of how cute this periwinkle (admit it) will pop next to a green golf course. Don’t think about how the stylist missed the boat with the white/grey sock/shoe combo. A swing and a miss.

Favorite #5: Define Jacket in Twilight Rose

Hear me out on the color. I tried on Spiced Chai as a “lolz let’s see how bad this looks” and it turned into one my favorite “wear it every wash cycle” colors. Don’t sleep on Twilight Rose until you give it a try in person. You may end up in such belief that your eyes bug out of your head like a crazy person.

As you can see above, they’re pretty similar. Millennial mauve hasn’t died yet.

The Dud: lululemon Align Cut-Out High-Rise Short 6″ in Dark Lavender

For the next 7 days you’ll only be able to access the cut-out link in the lululemon app. However, I am curious as to who will want to access these at all. If you have 0% body fat or 100% body confidence, you do you, girl. I will not be participating in whatever easy to get caught on a door handle action this is.

Early Access Gatekeep: Lip Gloss, Lip Gloss, and More Lip Gloss.

For those of you with the lululemon app (aka everyone who fangirls about lululemon enough to be reading this blog), HQ is gatekeeping Lip Gloss big time.

Yeah, that’s right… a Lip Gloss Everywhere Belt Bag hiding in plain sight in the Early Access section.

Ok I’m sleepy, and hockey’s on. Gotta go!

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