A Heartfelt Thank You + Hits & Misses: lululemon’s 3/14/23 Upload

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t first address how much it HIT ME IN THE FEELS when such incredibly thoughtful comments rolled in after Reflecting on 8 years of AthletiKaty. Social media has become such a slot machine that’s conditioned us to pump out content relentlessly, hoping that perhaps the next post will be the one that gets us thousands (or even millions) more eyeballs on our accounts. However, that’s not what it’s supposed to be about. Social media’s supposed to be about connecting with people, not appealing to the robot overlords.

I’m feeling reinvigorated to share content on my own platform to the beat of my own drum. That’s what brought in my first followers who I now see more as internet friends… being myself. No trends, just me and a keyboard with some opinions on some outfits. At this point, I feel like I’ve known some of you for years even though we’ve never met. Some of you, we actually HAVE met. Even if it’s just been a fleeting “hello” in passing at the race expo or on the course, each moment has been a happy reminder that there are several like-minded women out there who I truly WOULD be friends with if our paths crossed in real life. So if we’ve met before… know that it made my frickin’ day.

I’m going to continue writing for you, for me, for us! Not to please some silly algorithm.

That said… my lululemon shopping cart at one point was $700+ deep and we need to talk about it.

Hits & Misses: lululemon’s 3/14/23 Upload (and some of last week’s too)

Instead of pressuring myself into conforming to the 5+1 faves vs dud structure when it comes to talking about the latest, maybe I start using it more of a guide, and focus on Hits & Misses. My drags on the duds will not go away, because that is one thing I’ve always prided myself on including in my content… honesty. As much as the majority of this blog’s content leans toward ‘superfan’, I want to you know that I am not afraid of dragging lululemon when I feel it’s appropriate.

If Creator A posts rave reviews 50/50 times and Creator B posts them 42/50… I’m going to trust Creator B more. IMHO, they are posting from a place of honesty, as opposed to blind faith.

Moving on.

Who’s Giving Main Character Energy? These Two.

Wunder Train Mesh Strap Tank Top in Electric Lemon

She went into my shopping cart real fast. Love me a high neck with some coverage for the warm weather we will (eventually, hopefully) get. Only two colors offered right now, but I didn’t feel like waiting another week to see if more would come around. It looks pastel but historically Electric Lemon is IN YOUR FACE neon. Cannot wait for this one to arrive.

lululemon Align™ High-Rise Mini Flared Pant 32″ in Maldives Green

Are they impractical? Absolutely. Did I order them anyway? Absolutely. TBH my local store hasn’t had the mini flare in stock in my size, ever, so ordering for curiosity’s sake has been my only option. I’ve heard some women with larger calves look a little funny in these. Will report back.

After plenty of hemming and hawing… I ended up purchasing 4 pieces last night: the two pieces listed above and…

I blame the Wild Indigo SHR Aligns on seeing Patricia wear wild indigo & electric lemon on a lululemon studio class I took recently, and the Mesh-Back Train Bra has got me jonesing for summer SO HARD. Not a single black item! See? Spring is coming.

Really, though, re: the mirror – all of the instructors are naturally decked out in lululemon head to toe, so the outfit inspo seeps in real quick. They know what they’re doing and I’ve been caught hook, line, and sinker.

Swiftly Squad Goals

I’m sitting on my hands waiting for more colors of the new Swiftly Tech Cropped Long-Sleeve Shirt 2.0 that dropped last week in black only. The new options aren’t IN YOUR FACE, so I’m still going to hang on and wait for more. Race Length is too short because it’s trying to be long. If you’re a crop top and you’re honest about your identity as a crop, I’m here for it. Early reviews are 5 stars strong. (Caveat: rumor has it lululemon has been censoring reviews 3 stars and below lately, so… yeah. Take that how you will.)

As far as the marble dye options in the Swiftly Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt 2.0 go… I didn’t give them half a look until I saw Colleen Quigley sporting a beautiful blue one in her IG stories yesterday. It’s the “Cady Heron wore army pants & flip flops” effect. Coincidentally, it’s Wednesday and I’m thinking I want the pink one. #influenced

Solar orange racerback and magenta purple long sleeve, you may also sit with us.

Shopping Cart Rejects

If feels less than nice to say that these are my “rejects” – but at one point they were all in my cart. Didn’t quite make the cut though, because my “wah I need dopamine” can only justify so many dollars flying out the window on a random Tuesday.

Inner monologue: I don’t need another jacket. I have a Sonic Pink Align Tank, kind of have the warm colors covered. Just got the pomgranate Hotty Hots on WMTM last month, I probably don’t need these too. Plus those Cassis ones you still don’t wear much. My Osprey vest is old and crusty but it works. I don’t want to show sweat marks on light pants. Ok fine. *removes from cart*

The people have spoken: lululemon’s ACTUAL Top 3 based on sales

lululemon sends email updates to the Creator Network, and in them they list the top 3 selling items online that week. In the most recent update, NONE of the top 3 are anything I’ve touched on in this post, so clearly my tastes are not in line with everyone else’s. Over the holidays it was almost *always* the EBB, Aligns and some sort of Scuba. As of March 10th though… here are the styles that were actually purchased the most:

  1. Tight-Fit Knit Tank Top Dress – Unsure if it’s right for me, but it’s got some really cute feminine detailing woven in. Comes in Java, Bone and Black.
  2. Groove Super-High-Rise Crop 23″ Nulu – This shocked me. I like the SHR Groove Flares, but I honestly didn’t think that capri styles from 2008 were on the way back too. Egg on my face.
  3. Ebb to Street Cropped Racerback Tank Top – Surprisingly, I don’t own any of these, but I do like them.

They didn’t say colors… but I’m willing to bet Java has something to do with it. The internet is currently losing its collective sh!t over Java.

Speaking of Java… my coffee is almost gone. Sad face.

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  1. I know they’re trendy but I just can’t with the flares, especially the groove crops. 2023 me looks at that photo and wonders how 2005 me wore them ALL THE TIME.

  2. I’m so happy to hear you’ve found renewed purpose here! Damn the algorithm, save the personal connection!

    To weigh in on the race length topic… as the owner of wide hips and an ample booty, I am a big fan of the race length. I like that it still gives me coverage when it’s not so warm out, but I also don’t spend the entire time pulling it back down because the hem has ridden up and bunched above my hips. It was the only reason I ever finally bought a swiftly after about a decade of LLL purchases.

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