Open Call for Questions About the lululemon Studio Mirror


The winter has been tough on me as far as maintaining a workout mojo. I took a breather after the NYC Marathon back in December, and never quite got back into a routine. I’m generally a morning exerciser who owns a Peloton Bike, so it should be no problem, right? Wrong when you sleep over your boyfriend’s house more often than you sleep at your own.

Too often I’d wake up across town, fall into the morning coffee and work email spiral, and the day would fill with excuses. Workout motivation would dwindle. It was clear I needed to lower the barrier of entry for myself to fall back in love with exercise. What if there were an inviting space immediately available so that the harsh weather or lack of space was no longer an excuse?

So, Nate let me take over one of the spare rooms in his house to make a little content/workout studio. In it, I decided to put a lululemon studio mirror. Now that I’ve had the mirror for two months and have been able to work it into my life, I’d like put together a review post on how I’ve been using it, what my pros and cons are, etc.

I’d like to open the floor for questions for those who are curious… so here we go.

lululemon Studio Mirror… What would you like to know?

I’m going to leave this form up for at least a week, so if you can’t think of anything right now but an idea hits you in the head on Wednesday morning’s commute, the window of opportunity will still be open 🙂

Thanks in advance to all who contribute!

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