5 Faves & a Dud: lululemon’s First Upload of 2023

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon
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I don’t know about you, but I am actually excited for the holidays to be over. Between the thrash of spreading holiday cheer and doing everything in my power to test how stretchy my pants really are… I’m ready. It’s time. I tend not to formally make New Year’s resolutions, but I’ll admit there are things I can surely improve on.

  • Nutrition: Restock the candy shelf less often.
  • Exercise: Don’t whine about how it will ruin a good hair dau. Just do it. Add some strength back in.
  • Mobility: Do it.
  • Content Creation: Create a sustainable schedule.
  • Sleep: More of it.
  • Hydration: More of it… out of fancy bottles & tumblers I already own.
  • Screen Time: Reduce mindless scrolling out of habit.
  • lululemon: Spend less money. I did so well from 2016-2020 on spending less than the year prior, but 2021 and 2022 have been a regression. I’d like to be more mindful of new purchases.

There. That’s my ‘soft’ list of resolutions. It’s out in the open for a little accountability. Cheers to 2023!

5 Faves & a Dud: 1/3/23 Edition

Favorite #1: Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie in Wild Indigo

Seasonal depression is admittedly in full swing. In December, I splurged on the Sonic Yellow Wunder Puff Cropped Vest in an effort to feel brighter and more energized, and it’s helped. Wild Indigo has slid in looking real cute, and ready to take us all the way from winter into spring.

I’ve got Green Jasper on the long and slow trek via FedEx Smartpost (12 days and it’s still not here but who’s counting?) – and now I’m wondering if I should return it upon arrival for this beauty. Will have to see what it does with my complexion.

Favorite #2: Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Short 4″ in Sunset

Sunset is one of those colors that does the most and is largely underrated. I don’t think of some sort of neon-ish coral/orange as my favorite color, but it never fails that this color family is in the laundry every single week.

Maybe I ought to say it, then. Neon-ish coral/orange is unintentionally one of my favorite colors!

Favorite #3: Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt in Sonic Yellow

It’s the color for me. Every once in a while we don’t see new releases in both Standard and Long lengths at the same time, but taller and shorter shoppers can add to cart at the same time.

With the way this weather is behaving, once day i’ll need my Wunder Puff and the next I’ll need a skirt. Gotta stay ready.

Favorite #4: lululemon lab Merino Wool-Blend Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt in Dusty Amethyst

On the heels of my notes re: wild indigo and in the age of 24/7 selfies, I’ve learned one thing: medium dark/dusty purples WORK with my green eyes. So, selfish choice here.

You know what this piece would also work for? The dreaded RETURN TO OFFICE, if you are so (un)fortunate to. be facing that in 2023.

Favorite #5: Scuba Oversized Funnel Neck Half Zip in Solar Orange

Another opportunity to kick the seasonal sadness in the face with a pop of color. Solar Orange is a new one, and the only item available right now.

Looking forward to seeing this one IRL to see if it’s really that loud in person. Reds/oranges tend to bleed on screen, so I’ll hold off on making a confirmed declaration of “squee” – but it’s likely.

The Dud: Evergreen Full-Zip Long Jacket in Red Rock/Pink Peony/Pomegranate

There are a handful of opportunities to take the cake this week (Smiley face pouches? Cute, but… is this lululemon or the Limited Too) … but I’m going with what I am personally least likely to wear.

Having tried on the Evergreen Anorak earlier this spring, I was left thoroughly unimpressed. The material had 0 stretch, and it was impossible to lift my arms. If this is a longer version of the same (which I suspect it is), it’s an easy pass for me.

The part when I started this post too soon and lululemon uploaded more…

That’s what I get for trying to be on the ball. Here are a few more favorites that uploaded this week; it’s pretty clear that it’s wild indigo’s world and we’re all living in it.

Time to go find the will to work out. I think I dropped it somewhere in 2022.

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