The Last-Minute lululemon Gift Guide for Total Procrastinators & Clueless Husbands / Boyfriends / Fathers

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Stopped into lululemon last week, and it was full of well-meaning men who were trying their hardest. They had absolutely no clue what to get their wives/girlfriends/daughters. These guys knew they were in the right spot, but once inside the store, the looks on their faces were BLANK.

So, if the lady in your life loves lululemon and you don’t have the time/patience/will to interact with humans and need a short list of what to get so you can be in/out and done with your shopping, here you go.


Get your order in on by 11:59 PM PST on December 20th and the goods will show up by Christmas. Otherwise, have fun at the mall. Godspeed.

If she hasn’t already sent you a curated wish list with colors & sizes, here’s a short list what won’t flop… coming from someone who has spent the equivalent of a down payment on a small house at lululemon over the years.

When you see something you like: click the picture of it, then buy it.

Top pick if… she doesn’t believe in wearing “real pants”

These are a top gift for a reason. Soft AF. Colors and lengths galore. Really, any pant or short with the world “Align” on the tag is a lay-up. Tanks/tees/bras are a bit more finicky with sizing. Stick with the pants, joggers, or crops.

Top pick if… she’s always scrolling TikTok

TikTok made this belt bag go viral, and it’s been impossible to get your hands on specific colors. If you see one, get it. Simple but useful, and only $38.

Top pick if… she is always on trend

Oversized cropped sweatshirts have had Gen Z in a chokehold. Scubas are thick, soft, and given that they come in sizes like XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL, guessing ballpark sizes is easy.

Top pick if… she always needs to be “cozy”

Can’t go wrong with sherpa. Cold girls love burying their faces in sherpa.

Top pick if… she runs outside in freezing temperatures

Trust me.

Top pick if… she lifts more than most guys you know

The best all-purpose training tight that lululemon sells.

Top pick if… she’s always cold

I just got the vest a few weeks ago, and it is LEGIT. It better be because it’s not cheap, but damn it’s warm.

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