It’s HERE! lululemon’s Sonic Pink Everywhere Belt Bag is now available online

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Remember that one time that Kim Kardashian “broke” the internet? Well, lululemon diehards are about to break lululemon’s site. I’ve fallen out of the habit of hunting around for sneak previews, and the lululemon reddit has several resourceful and hawk-eyed contributors who are all over any inkling of a coveted new product.

The “squee” that started on reddit moved over to lululemon TikTok over the weekend, but if you don’t follow along with lulu news on either of these platforms, you deserve to know that a Sonic Pink Everywhere Belt Bag has finally arrived.

It’s been spotted in US stores, and it arrived online this morning! but hasn’t uploaded yet. Another upload is happening momentarily, so… get ready. If you’re coveting one, bookmark your shopping links and buckle up. It’s about to be the hunger games at the level of the OG SeaWheeze reflective release. We should start an over/under on what the most offensive resale price is going to be? I’ll go first. I wouldn’t be surprised if these show up on eBay for $200+.

Right now the EBB is a hot item, so this link will work if EBBs are in stock. As soon as I see it uploaded (if I’m not asleep), I’ll update the top of this post. Good luck out there!

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