5 Faves & a Dud: EBB Restock x12 & How Did I Forget That Hat?!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon
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First thing’s first: the Everywhere Belt Bag that lululemon can’t seem to keep on the shelf just restocked in TWELVE colors. Make like Forrest & RUN if you’ve been hoping to pick up a new one!

Shame on Me.

On with the rest of things. I am ashamed of myself. Last week, one of the WTF-iest things I’ve seen from lululemon in a while uploaded, and I glossed over it to be like “magenta joggers are odd” when it came to choosing the Dud. I have failed as a cranky rando on the internet. For that, I am sorry. Feast your eyes and judgement on the Convertible Hiking Bucket Hat.

In practicality, I get it. There is frequently a need to keep stuff out of your face or protect it from the sun. I’m not saying it isn’t useful. I *am* saying it looks funny.

5 Faves & a Dud: 9/13/22 Edition

This week was a toughie when it came to narrowing it down to the top 5. Trying to keep my spending in check until the Unicorn Tears drop on Thursday, so the only thing I snapped up was a Pink Pastel EBB. Figured it would be a nice juxtaposition against an all black fit this winter. That said, here’s what made the cut this week:

Favorite #1: Track That High-Rise Lined Short 5″ in Smoked Spruce

Consider this pick a continuation of last week’s Smoked Spruce love fest. I’m hoping this color looks as amazing in person as it does on the interwebs. I’ve got my order from last week waiting at Nate’s house, and I’ll be ripping into it as soon as I get over there tonight!

Favorite #2: Energy High-Neck Longline Tough Bra in Moonlit Magenta

This bra is by far my favorite running top, and I wasn’t too thrilled that several new drops over the summer had some sort of graphic or text emblazoned on the front. I’m happy to see that’s got by the wayside and we have a fun new addition to the lineup without the gobbledygook.

Favorite #3: Wunder Train High-Rise Tight with Pockets 25″ in Diamond Dye Pitch Grey Graphite Grey

The black/grey diamond dye isn’t exactly a surprisingly new color way, but lately it’s really been catching my eye. Adding to my birthday wish list *cough cough if any family members read this I’m a size 10* 😉

Favorite #4: All the Right Places High-Rise Drawcord Waist Crop 23” in Magenta Purple

The color, the paneling on the back, it’s just working for me.

Favorite #5: Base Pace High-Rise Crop 17″ in Smoked Spruce

Thinking about grabbing a pair of the 17” Base Paces as an NYC Marathon race day fit candidate. The Fast and Free obviously wins the pocket situation by a LANDSLIDE, but I do like that the BP’s got a slightly higher rise. Decisions, decisions!

The Dud: Scuba Full-Zip Hoodie in Heritage 365 Camo Smoky Red Night Sea Multi

Nobody needs this pattern. Nobody. This hoodie has a one-way direct flight to WMTM booked for ASAP.

Bright New Kicks

Each of the three available shoes dropped 1 new color apiece this afternoon. The Chargefeel Low and Chargefeel Mid both were released in Flare, which is amazingly in your face. If I didn’t already have the original Flare Blissfeels I’d have probably gone bananas for a pair. The Blissfeel new release is a bit more subdued, in Vapor/Highlight Orange/White.

Tap to Shop: This Week’s Highlights

Water Drop I see you, along with a ton of Pale Raspberry. Need a reason to justify more bright stuff? Daylight is dwindling and people need to see you. Safety first!

That’s it from me today. Time to go sit on my hands until Unicorn Tears drops on Thursday!

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  1. I’m one of the few who really likes the hat and is just biding my time until it inevitably hits WMTM. It’s most def strange looking, but since I spend a lot of time disc golfing and fishing, it will be perfect for sun protection – at least the top and back part…not sure about the mask part. I do love that everyone else hates it, so hopefully that means it will get marked down soon.

  2. I had to make the same exact decision between the base pace and fast and frees a couple weeks ago before my latest half marathon. love the base pace probably more than the fast & free as an everyday running tight but in a race, hands down for fast and free. The pockets are a deal breaker, and it allows me to hold my race essentials like goo, biofreeze etc along with my phone. Another win is the fast and free have a lot more compression which i prefer in a race. So in summary, on a training run you will see me wearing one of my many base pace tights and probs a a belt bag to hold all my goodies but in a race situation , fast and frees all the way

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