Lululemon’s Bringing Back Unicorn Tears [Updated 9/14]

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In the first week of practices at the US Open, I noticed that lululemon ambassador Leylah Fernandez was wearing what looked like a remixed Unicorn Tears Nulu Cropped Define Jacket on the practice court. I wasn’t able to whip out my phone and snap a photo before the cameras switched away, but the double take was already there.

Did she—

Was that—

Is she wearing UNICORN TEARS? 👀

The next day, Leylah wore an Align Tank in that same print for her press conference.

Canadian Tennis Player & Lululemon Ambassador Leylah Fernandez in a Throwback Unicorn Tears Align Tank – US Open 8/26/22

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, fellow ambassador Colleen Quigley (@steeple_squigs) shared a reel with her new fall haul from lululemon, and there it was again!

In the screen grab, the double inseam on the shorts leads me to believe these are the Align Short.

lululemon Fall 2022 Unicorn Tears – Colleen Quigley via Instagram (@steeple_squigs)

9/12/22 UPDATE: Global Ambassador Mirna Valerio (@themirnavator) was wearing the Align Waist Length Racerback in her IG stories this weekend.

After these glimpses, the lululemon app updated itself this week with a countdown timer that confirmed my suspicions: Unicorn Tears are in fact returning on September 15. Like the other throwback releases, items will be released in the lululemon app first.

It’s looking like the accent colors this time around are going to be black or graphite gray, wasabi and purple blossom light (totally eyeballing, based on recently released colors).

9/14/22 UPDATE: Based on Educator intel, here’s what we can expect…

Wait, What are Unicorn Tears?

Unicorn Tears is a colorway released back in 2011 that has been regarded in the lululemon fan community as a super rare ‘unicorn’, coincidental with its name.

Gen Z Lulu Redditors don’t seem to understand what the big deal is, but older school Lulu fans are getting hype. To the Gen Z cringers I say… without the OG fans to build the brand up because of its “cheugy” designs from years past, lululemon wouldn’t be around for your Align Pant and Everywhere Belt Bag obsession now. It’s an evolution, and not everyone’s tastes are the same.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this throwback?

I’m undecided if I’m going to snap something up. If the lineup solely includes nulu options, I may be able to resist, but if some sort of Fast & Free or Base Pace option is released, it’s likely I’ll be all over it.

The Full Collection is Here!

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  1. It’s taken me years to even find unicorn tears on eBay in my size. Only been able to find three pieces.
    You bet I’ll be buying.

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