5 Faves & a Dud: It’s (Ne)on!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Hey look it’s me doing what I do best, pretending like I’m a whack-a-mole and popping up at random intervals! In life there’s been lulu and there have been lemons lately, but today there shall be new lululemon.

You can tell how slammed I am IRL by the lack of IG stories. If 1 or 0 story slides? Something’s got me stressed out and preoccupied. 5+ slides on a regular basis? We gravy.

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/17/22 Edition

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Favorite #1: Wunder Train High-Rise Short 8″ in Poolside

So poolside looks pretty nice online, but it is GORGEOUS in person. I still haven’t decided what to splurge on, but hey these shorts look kinda nice. Methinks I wanna have a shorts girl summer in 2022.

Favorite #2: Align High Neck Tank Top in Sonic Pink

Predictably popular. Cue up “I’m a Barbie Girl” and let’s go.

Favorite #3: Speed Up High-Rise Lined Short 4″ in Carnation Red

Perfect to complete a look with any Carnation Red pieces you’ve picked up in recent years, for me, it’s the Sculpt Tank and the High Neck Ribbed Energy Bra – both items I wear on the regular.

Favorite #4: Free to Be High-Neck Longline Bra – Wild in Highlight Yellow

This entire fit is 🔥🔥🔥, you cannot convince me otherwise.

Favorite #5: Everywhere Crossbody Bag in Bronze Green/Black

I picked this up in Black & White after seeing a girl on TikTok rock the hell out of it, and it’s been close to a daily driver for me over the last 6 weeks. Tried on a Bronze Green Swiftly recently, and loved the color. Have been waiting on a Swiftly LS in the standard fit to come along (I shouldn’t hold my breath), so maybe this ought to be added to the roster instead.

The Dud: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0 in Marble Dye Vintage Plum

Online only. I know I haven’t been paying that close attention to things, but do my eyes deceive me that the regular length has been relegated to ONLINE ONLY?!?!?!

If nobody’s buying them, it’s because you’re offering up colorways like this. Gimme Poolside, Electric Turquoise, Orange Soda. Not this.

Tonight, I shall stew in a cauldron of tall person frustration.

Highlights… Literally.

Couldn’t bring myself to stop at 5, per usual. What other items contributed to the 8 million tabs I had open while trying to sus out the best of the bunch? Now that I scroll… there’s a LOT that I like. Like the Love Crew T-Shirt in Pink Clay. I tried on spiced chai as a “see this is why I don’t do neutrals” last year and now it’s one of my favorite shirts. Why would pink clay be any different?

lululemon Love Crew T-Shirt in Pink Clay


Put the credit card down, Katy. You had your fun last week in the form of a Base Pace Tank, Bace Pace Shorts, Super HR Groove Flares and some Power Tab Socks. 😇

I’m beyond pumped that lululemon has finally caught up its current releases to the IN YOUR FACE neon aesthetic that my workout wardrobe is used to.

I am not so excited about the noisemaking toy lawn mower the toddler across the way is currently messing around with. Way to ruin a beautiful night. Only 19 more years until I can move into one of those nice and quiet 55+ neighborhoods!

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  1. But did you see the Aussie upload with all the pretty purples?!?! Rulu half zip, purple and graphite grey Diamond dye align shorts. I NEEEEEED that Diamond dye in pants released in the US!!!

    1. I admit I’ve been having a tough enough time keeping up with the US releases, that I haven’t been on the Aussie site in a bit – I will have to check it out 😀

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