Sneak Peek: lululemon Chargefeel Mid & Chargefeel Low Workout Shoe


I chose a good upload to tune back into lulu land… sneak peeks of the next lineup of lululemon footwear have been making their way into the latest stock photos.

Rumor has it that there are 5 new Blissfeel Running Shoe colors coming up next month, and we got a little sneak peak of a white/blue colorway last night…

On top of that, the big deal for me was seeing the Chargefeel Workout Shoe start to make its debut in more and more stock photos. They are due out some time in July, which in the grand scheme of things will be here before we know it!

Preview: lululemon Chargefeel Low Workout Shoe

EDIT: Here’s a GORGEOUS shot from a slideshow Womens Wear Daily shared from the NYC Launch event, that I admittedly didn’t see until I was googling the Chargefeel for more sneaky peeks. The purple. I will not be passing Go or collecting $200, I will be going directly to purchase them the second they drop!

From lululemon for your feet launch event in NYC March 2022 – Image property of GEORGE CHINSEE/WWD

The only colorway that snuck into this week’s upload is white on white. These are a little bit eh for me, unless a mind-blowing color uploads when these are finally released.

Preview: lululemon Chargefeel Mid Workout Shoe

I am much more excited for the faux high top looking Chargefeel Mid to arrive. Upon scouring the What’s New page over my morning coffee, I was able to hunt down 5 different colors!

lululemon Chargefeel Mid Workout Shoe – shown at the lululemon footwear launch event in NYC – March 2022

So what if the sock tan is going to be all time with these. I’m a runner who’s going to start marathon training in July, therefore I’m already doomed 😀

Looks like we’re getting Black, White, Mink Berry and Raw Linen just like the Blissfeels. I’m not sure if the bright ones are highlight yellow or officially something different… but I wonder if this fun color will be part of the 5 new Blissfeels coming our way next month?

BRB time to start hoarding my pennies again!

All stock images property of lululemon athletica

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  1. I still just want some Mink Berry Blissfeels! And you’re right about that sock tan.

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