5 Faves & a Dud: Scrunchie Redemption

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Hello!!! 🤩 Yes, I have *finally* crawled out from under that rock called the US Open. Working that event clotheslines me every year. Even more so in 2021. Had a new pile of responsibilities added onto my plate at work (an excellent opportunity for professional growth), but when you pair 70-90+ hour work weeks with a half marathon training cycle… 10/10 would not recommend. Got home a week ago and it took me 4 days to feel human again.

Despite the lack of blog posts, I’ve managed to keep up on my running adventures (mostly) on the @athletikaty TikTok account, as well as trying to figure out lulu tok with my alternate @athletikatyootd handle. Well, turns out the ‘Dud’ that would have been featured in last week’s post (had I not been too tired to write one) just racked my first ever TikTok with 1 MILLION views. Who knew dead tired Katy squeaking about those silly looking Adjustable Hair Ties would hit the algorithmic jackpot. Sorry lulu. Let’s still be friends? 💖

Maybe if you’re trying to sell us something meant to secure hair into place… don’t use alternate means of securing said hair into place in the product photos.

So that’s going on. Retail wise? Last time I checked in, I went on a *bit* of a SeaWheeze bender. Otherwise, I’ve been pretty tame and only racked up a few other items since then:

5 Faves & a Dud: 9/21/21 Edition

It’s been a bit, still working on those final few rotations of screwing my head back on. So, if some of this stuff uploaded last week (le gasp! shock!), please forgive me.

Favorite #1: Uplifting Scrunchie ($8) in Petrol Purple

I feel that it’s only fair after going viral for an anti hair tie rant that I swing to the other side and show some love. Also, purple is my favorite color and if this ends up being offered in core pieces like the Speed Up MR short, Swiftly Tech LS or Fast & Frees? I’m toast.

The men’s side as a few options, but right now for the women, this scrunchie is all we’ve got. I bought it.

Favorite #2: Ready to Rulu Pullover ($108) in Green Twill

Pair this plus dark denim and whammo, fall outfit.

Favorite #3: Fast and Free High-Rise Crop 19″ ($118) in Wild Berry

My other purchase for the week right here. Not the most popular length, but it’s my go-to for running. Will this color show sweat? Probably. Ask me if I care.

Favorite #4: Wunder Train High Rise Crop 23″ ($88) in Denim Wash Print Autumn Red Black

The perfect amount of “bright” and “will hide dirt if you’re in a pickle and need to use your pants as a napkin”. Here for it.

Favorite #5: Invigorate Training Tank Top ($68) in Iron Blue

I consider this lululemon’s version of Athleta’s Conscious Crop ($59), which I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of this summer. Both fabrics are soft but sweat-wicking, and have the same general cut and intended purpose.

The Dud: Hooded Define Jacket Nulu ($128) in Heritage 365 Camo Beige Multi

Usually this is where I explain my choice for the dishonor of the week, however, in this case? I feel like the picture is does it for us.

More Candidates for the Shopping Cart

I’m not done yet. Still more to get excited about! I wish closet space were infinite.

  • Base Pace High-Rise Crop 23″ – Rainforest Green, in case you’re over Dark Olive.
  • Scuba Relaxed High-Rise Jogger – Dusky Lavender – She makes it look sweatsuit chic. I guess that means this model is doing her job, because I now want dusty purple sweatpants.
  • Cotton-Cashmere Blend Sweater – Copper Brown – this shade of brown with all black everything else and gold jewelry? Chef’s kiss, IMHO.
  • Invigorate Bra High Support – I’m curious about this one. My Invigorate this morning felt a little loose, and I’m wondering if having a little notch wouldn’t helped. I may dabble.

It’s so FLUFFY

It’s kinda sorta too soon for puffy jackets, but I’m also addicted to puffy jackets. Starting to see our marshmallow couture options for the winter, and I NEED to own something in Everglade Green. TBH if one of each showed up on my doorstep, I wouldn’t be mad.

Meet Oscar

Finally… I am seriously considering buying the Reversible Fleece Jacket in Green Twill, wearing it fuzzy side out, attaching two googley eyes and calling it a Halloween costume.

Now scram! 💚

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  1. Please do a review if you get that bra! I need new ones, but I’m not crazy about hook closures. I miss the all sports bra. And I love the Oscar reference lol! 😆

  2. Yay you’re back! A few thoughts:

    1) love petrol purple too. I see they have a men’s fast and free hat in that color. They get all the good colors in that hat! Luckily they work on my head and doesn’t look too big, so I’ll be picking this hat up 🙂

    2) Just because you can do camo in every color doesn’t mean you should. Enough already!

    3) I like the simplicity of the Athleta conscious crop more than the lulu invigorate tank. The odd seams, especially around the boob area, is really throwing me off.

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