5 Faves & a Dud: 6/8/21 Edition

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Hello from post race hangover land! Not a hangover in the traditional “I drank too much over the weekend and I’m old and am still not back to normal” sense, but the “I just spent 3 months training for a race, race day came and it kicked my ass and now that it’s over I feel like I have no purpose” realm. I ran my first IN PERSON race on Saturday morning, and Mother Nature chewed me up and spit me out to the tune of 80+ degrees in the latter half of the race and 94% humidity. 🥵

Krystle ran with me, Kyle flew in to be my support team, and my family also showed up at the finish line. While my 2:15 was a disappointing result to an otherwise STRONG training cycle, I know that uncommonly hot weather played a significant factor. On days like that, finish time is NOT a true indicator of PR ability. It’s testing your ability to simply survive. Next time we’re gunning for 2:02.

Clearly this means I need a new piece of lululemon (or two) as a consolation/self-congratulatory prize.

5 Faves & a Dud: 6/8/21 Edition

Favorite #1: Nulux™ Racerback Cropped Run Tank Top ($58) in Delicate Mint

It’s only taken 3 years since lululemon started shortening the CRB for me to come around to the cropped tank look, and I’m ready for more. I missed out on the Zoned In Tank last month, so I need to pull the trigger a little faster this time lest I miss out on this icy beauty. Or, I could be predictable AF and get even more black. It will be a game time decision.

Favorite #2: Pack Light Pullover Packable ($128) in Paradise Green

THE COLOR. That’s it. That’s the rave. I need to see this in person to confirm how brilliant it is. If it’s as fun as it looks online my budget might be in a lil bit o’ trouble.

Favorite #3: Love Long Sleeve ($58) in Crispin Green

Crispin Green. Sounds like he’s a lawyer fresh out of the Ivies. Or a guy who coincidentally really likes lettuce. Until we meet, I’ll be picking this shirt up to not look all dark and wintry while bundling up in the air conditioned tundra that is an office building all summer.

Favorite #4: Muscle Love Long Sleeve ($88) in Autumn Red

If I wear something called “Autumn Red” will it automatically cut the humidity in the air in half and make the weather outside tolerable? If so, sign me up Scotty.

Favorite #5: Free To Be Elevated Bra Light Support, DD/E Cup ($52) in Teal Lagoon

Let’s all pause for a hot minute and scratch our heads at the irony that is a “light support” option for a DD/E cup woman. But the color. I can’t ignore it. 😍

The Dud: Step Out High Rise Short 3″ ($88)

Not only are they 51% more expensive than normal shorts, they’re also 51% more translucent! 🤩

Pool Floaties & Umbrella Drinks

New this week are several pieces of swimwear, and my favorite is nothing short of predictable given that I’m from New England. Cape Cod is calling my name and I ought to answer in a new swimsuit.

Honorable Mention

I keep wanting Hotty Hots to look like this on me, but they never do. 4″ Speed Ups are some of the best shorts around, but the 4″ HHs are just too much fabric. Dare I adventure into the realm of 2.5″?


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  1. The FTBE actually underpromises and overdelivers here! I’d call it medium support even though I’m slightly bigger than an E cup. The teal is much less bright in person though; it’s like you turned up the saturation on Tidewater Teal a few notches.

  2. Where oh where have the F&F 25” gone! There hasn’t been anything interesting in that style in ages.

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