5 Faves & a Dud: 6/1/21 Edition

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RACE WEEK IS HERE RACE WEEK IS HERE RACE WEEK IS HERE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That’s all I got for a witty intro. I toe my first in-person half marathon start line on Saturday morning and to say I am JAZZED about it is an understatement. It’s also the first Tuesday of the month, which means plenty of new lululemon to be jazzed about. I am stoked to see more brights in the mix! On to the new new 🤩

5 Faves & a Dud: 6/1/21 Edition

Favorite #1: All Tied Up Tank Top Pima Cotton ($48) in Sublimado Pigment Dye Highlight Yellow

How can anyone look at this color and not feel their mood immediately boosted? It’s such a bright and happy color, and it’s looking GOOD in my cart right now. It will look even better in my closet. ☀️

Favorite #2: Pace Rival Skirt *Tall ($68) in Golden Apricot

Welp, I lost my mind over this skirt in a recent post, so I suppose it’s time to put my money where my cart is. Plus, it’s June 1. New monthly lululemon budget kicks in!

Favorite #3: Always Effortless Jacket ($128) in Ocean Air

I generally only pick up multicolored duplicates in core pieces, but it’s spring/summer (despite that it was 46 degrees this weekend) and my Frontier AEJ is looking a little dark for the current season. Considering an unnecessary upgrade.

Favorite #4: Evergreen Anorak ($148) in Tidewater Teal/Wild Mint/Paradise Green

I can’t believe I’m sitting here about to say that I love the ‘retro’ stylings of a piece reminiscent of the 1990s, a decade I was very much alive and will in. I was old enough to REMEMBER the 90s! I dug the Ripened Raspberry/Cafe Au Lait/True Navy combo from last month for the most part, but the Cafe Au Lait ultimately turned me off.

For the same rationale I’m using to talk myself into an Ocean Air AEJ, I love the springtime vibes. I love my all black wardrobe, but it’s June. It needs a summer vacation.

Favorite #5: Free to Be Serene Bra ($52) in Sonic Pink

Just going to shut up and admire. 😍

The Dud: Full Day Ahead Short Sleeve Shirt ($78) in Aquila Rhino Grey Multi

There is someone out there on this planet that can make this shirt look cute, and it’s not me.

What Else is Fresh?

Energy Bra High Support

This week we meet the juiced up version of the extremely popular Energy Bra. My girls aren’t big enough to need this, but I’m excited to see a more supportive bra with a nice aesthetic.

A common complaint I hear from women with larger chests is that they wish they were able to find both support AND aesthetic at the same time. This one is offered in traditional number/letter bra sizes.

  • Stretch Rib Pocketed Romper – Showcasing trench, but TBH I am undecided on a true favorite color. If it hits WMTM I may give the tidewater teal one a go. I’ve got enough black rompers.
  • Energy Bra Long Line – Wisteria Purple
  • High Neck Split Hem Run Tank – Neo Mint, only concern is arm holes if I size down, which I tend to do on looser tops. Would like to see in person!

Well what the hell man, y’all sold out my size in the Golden Apricot Pace Rival while I was busy writing this post.


I’mma go now.

Did I mention it’s race week?

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