5 Faves & a Dud: Live From the Inferno

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Let’s start this week off with a little bit of a musical selection, shall we? The best part is that it’s open to interpretation. Am I talking about the weather across North America? Am I talking about the influx of brights lululemon uploaded this week? Why is this girl asking so many questions in this week’s intro? WHO KNOWS?

I will admit that uploads over the last few weeks have been a bit lackluster. Between meh selections and trying to capitalize on spending time with Kyle while I had the chance to get out to CO last week, it was tough to find the motivation to write up a batch of items that I had little to no interest in.

You all see the annual version this photo in the winter. Here’s the melted version! Aspen Highlands as seen from Buttermilk’s Selfie Summit. / Aspen, CO

5 Faves & a Dud: 6/29/21 Edition

Favorite #1: Sculpt Tank Top Cropped ($48) in Sonic Pink

Do I need to explain myself? If Cropped isn’t your style, the full length Sculpt Tank is also looking damn good in sonic pink. In that photo above, I’m wearing the black version of the Sculpt Cropped. It’s a perfectly thin layer to go underneath a hydration vest, and I’m jonesing to add this pink beauty to the tank top pile. 💖

Favorite #2: Sonic Tee ($54) in Black

Exactly what you wear when you’re feeling KNOTTY. Get it? I’ll see myself out.

Favorite #3: All Yours Tank Top ($52) in Cloudy Wash Flare

Bright red-orange has a way of sneaking its way into my closet. Electric Coral, Very Light Flare, Light Flare, Cape Red… they all have a habit of showing up on the DL and ending up in constant rotation.

Favorite #4: City Adventurer Backpack Nano ($34) in Sonic Pink/Cacao/Black

My inner 12 year old is going nuts for this color combo. Mostly. The cacao I could live without, but everything else is *chef’s kiss*

I seriously bought my Nano as gimmick in my overworked and delirious late-summer state (yeahh US Open!) and go figure it’s proven itself to be a useful GoPro/mask/hand sani pouch. Here’s hoping it turns into a snack pack as more people hop on the vaccine train and we roll toward feeling those old normal feels.

Favorite #5: No-Shower Cleansing Spray Kit ($28)

The possibility of grossing some people out by this pick exists. However, I am looking ahead and trying to keep Future Katy’s best interests in mind. My goal race (2021 Rock N’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon) is on 10/24, and that means I will be right in the effing middle of training while I’m away working the US Open… aka 12-hour work days 7 days a week for a solid month straight. Woo!

There will be days that I somehow need to squeeze in a 10 mile run and work from 7:30a-8p. I won’t really have anywhere safe to run outdoors at night. There’s a chance that I will have to go from early morning run in the park to work without access to a shower in between, and I’d rather be prepared than the smelly person in the control room. Heh.

The Dud: Lululemon Lab Expandable Large Backpack 34L ($198)

I love me a damn good belt bag. The are useful, hands free, and I’m so glad they came back into style so I didn’t have to feel like a dweeb for going hands free. HOWEVER.

There has to be a limit on how much crap a person can shove into a waist pack and it doesn’t fall down. For reference: this backpack has a larger capacity than your average school bag (generally low-mid 20L). There’s a reason the model showing off the waist pack method of wearing this bag is male. It’s giant. So is the price tag.

Still on the Soap Box

Well shoot. I meant to feature some version of this up top, but I got distracted by “No-Shower Spray”. This Chroma Clash Multi pattern is like inverted pink pool water. It’s a fun setup, but I imagine it will end up on WMTM.

  • Power Pivot Tank fans, you don’t need to choose Ribbed or Everlux when it comes to sonic pink. Lulu’s got both.
  • Continuing with my single-track mind… I was stoked to see a sonic pink Waterbottle Crossbody – until I saw the other side of it was cacao. Saved myself $38, I guess.
  • The Align Shorts? Probably sheer. Still think they’re adorable.

Wisteria Lane

When’s the last time anyone’s watched an episode of Desperate Housewives? Well I can’t deliver anything to Wisteria Lane, but I can post a bunch of photos of wisteria purple. So here you go.

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  1. I wonder if the Sonic Pink align shorts are double lined? I have aligns in Guava Pink and they are double lined.

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