5 Faves & a Dud: 5/11/21 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Hi friends! Want to hear a Catch-22? I would totally make a “wanted” sign in reference to my creativity and mojo to do anything fun in the digital space recently if I had the mojo to do so. Focusing seems impossible. If anyone else is feeling burned out by month 14 of the pandemic and has no idea where their fun self went and if she’ll ever return… pour yourself a glass of whatever whets your whistle and sit down next to me.


Something fun *did* happen recently… Kyle actually asked ME if we could go into lululemon together. Not vice versa. My head exploded. Still scraping the pieces off the ceiling, TBH. I walked out with the Wild Mint Swiftly Tech LS, an Ear Loop Face Mask and a Skinny Scrunchie 6-Pack. He walked out with sooo much more. Kyle is very smart with his money, so for him go in on a few shirts and shorts, it means we’ve got ourselves another convert who believes in anti-stink technology. Lemonade sipped!

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/11/21 Edition

Favorite #1: Hotty Hot High-Rise Short 2.5″ ($58) in Highlight Yellow

Walking dirt magnet Katy can’t have these. Legit found chocolate melted onto the side of my driver’s seat this afternoon. I cannot be trusted with brights on the bottom.

Favorite #2: Waterbottle Crossbody ($38)

Does anyone else get Disney World touristy vibes with this one? This bag is one of those items that could be useless or useful, and you won’t know the answer until you buy it.

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech High Neck Racerback Tank 2.0 ($58) in White

Do I love the high neck look? Am I afraid of feeling choked out while I’m working out in the summer heat? Also yes. But Swiftlies are the best and I probably need one.

Favorite #4: Energy Bra ($52) in Wild Mint

Snagged the Swiftly last week and am here for this color! While it looks a little muted against the gray background in these photos, Wild Mint is a very bright and happy shade in person, that doesn’t tiptoe into neon territory.

Favorite #5: Hood Lite Jacket Packable ($128) in Dusky Lavender

This is about as dusty as a lavender can get before I fall asleep. Any other color like blue or green in this muted tone would be a no go for me. However, purple’s my favorite color, therefore HELLO.

The Dud: All Yours Tee Dress ($98) in Ocean Air

Bed. Sheet.

Alright, CIRCLE time! Why yes, I am referring to the fact that I’m a year late on watching Netflix’s The Circle. Not much jazzes me lately, but watching two guys catfish each other on a romantic date is entertaining AF.

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  1. In reference to fav #2, corkcicle came out with a water bottle bag in early 2020, and I jumped on that train. It’s a really great idea and I’m glad to see the idea on store shelves! Comparing the corkcicle version to the lulu version, I think corkcicle may have lulu beat. Their essentials compartment looks much bigger than lulu’s. Corkcicle is excellent quality, but I’m sure lulu’s will be too. I’m curious to check out the lulu version in person.

    Btw, wild mint is beautiful! Saw it in person yesterday and almost snapped up the swiftly ls myself.

    1. Haven’t checked out Corksicle’s yet, but I may. I’m almost sold on this one but need another black crossbody like I need another hole in the head.

  2. The all yours dress reminds me of the dress I wore in the hospital when I delivered my son. 😬 I didn’t know if I was delivering a baby or if I was in a mental facility. 😬

  3. I allllmost pulled the trigger on Highlight Yellow Speed Ups last week, but like you, I also cannot be trusted with light/brights on bottom. It’s becoming one of my fav colors, though. I might need the Swiftly tank.

  4. I have actually been looking at a water bottle carrier type bag for Disney trips. I don’t think this one has enough pockets though.

  5. I had a few of the high-neck Swiftly tanks when they first came out, loved how they made my shoulders and arms look, hated how I felt like I was being strangled when I ran or did yoga in them. I sold them all.

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