5 Faves & a Dud: Orange You Glad These Are Camo? Nah.

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Dear Brain – if I want to sleep in and allow myself to sleep in… maybe don’t wake me up at 6:30a when the alarm isn’t set to go off until 8:15a? Too easy. But, it helps me catch up on this week’s lackluster lululemon upload before I get on with my Wednesday in the form of going to work and dreading whatever Tempo run Joanna cooks up for me this week.

Thankfully my state has been motoring through vaccinations (61% of adults have had at least one dose as of Monday), so the cap on outdoor event sizes is going away on May 1. You know what this means? Holy motherforking shirtballs, my June 5th half marathon is definitely going to happen. In person. A little bit of joyful squee, a little bit of nervous gulp.

5 Faves & a Dud: 4/20/21 Edition

With how random this week’s upload was, some of these picks are a bit off the wall. But, so am I. So here we go!

Favorite #1: Zip-Up Shirt Jacket ($178) in Black

I’ve not loved the shacket idea in the past, but the cropped length is on trend, and it doesn’t look like it would be too boxy. One basic B trend that I never hopped onto is a denim jacket, and I feel like this black Zip-Up Shirt Jacket would be a nice crossover between the token jean jacket and sporty activewear fabric that I live in.

I will, however, be sitting on my hands on this until it sells out or hits WMTM. The price point is a bit high for my liking, therefore I’m ok with missing out if it doesn’t drop under $100.

Favorite #2: Pocketed Wide Leg Jumpsuit ($128) in Black

I’m a fan of the onesie. The completely EXPOSED feeling when using the restroom I could do without. But, you know, it’s price you pay to look adorable, and that’s what doors are for. I’m still a bit traumatized from the lewks I was serving up in 2006 that included gaucho crops, but if a wider, airier, comfy leg really is pushing its way back onto the scene, I think this piece may be a reasonably safe jumping off point.

Favorite #3: AirWrap Pullover Hoodie ($108) in Teal Lagoon

If lulu keeps throwing all these bright colors at us, it’s only a matter of time before I fold like a napkin. Hands down my favorite pieces over the last two years have been the Stopover Jacket and Rogue Renegade Zip Hoodie, both of which feature luxtreme spacer construction.

Despite that it’s subject to little snags here and there, I still find myself living in a spacer piece when I need an extra top layer. This hoodie for me? I’m reaching the point where resistance is futile.

Favorite #4: Speed Up Short High-Rise 2.5″ ($58) in Blue Linen

My name is Katy and I’m a dirt magnet. One casual rock sit on a hike and it’s game over, so I’m just going to post these here and admire them while someone more courageous than I am rocks them.

Favorite #5: Gloss Trim Run Super High-Rise Crop 17″ ($128) in Black

Ok so not the most fashionable length out there, but they’re Nulux and would eliminate the occasional bunching around the knees with 19″ Fast & Frees. Plus, the ‘super’ high rise is appealing to me as a taller person, because it gives me a taste of what it’s like to be a short girl whose belly button actually gets covered by HR styles. I may dabble, even at full price.

They feature the shirt loops on the waistband, but the only potential drawback is the pocket situation definitely doesn’t match the Fast & Free’s capacity to carry all sorts of stuff.

The Dud: Ready to Rulu Jogger ($108) in Heritage Speckle Camo Jacquard Graphite Grey Desert Sun

Ah, the Ready to Rulu. โค๏ธ I wear mine around the house ALL THE TIME. Definitely one of my more frequently worn purchases of the last year and a half. But this colourway. Why you gotta do such an amazing pant like that?

From the Soap Box

  • Do not hate on the Zoned In Suspender Tight. I spent all winter wishing I’d gotten the suspender tights last season to use as a snowboard base layer that didn’t creep down or allow snow down my back when I inevitably wiped out.
  • I wish the neo mint Pop It Off Crossbody would have dropped at the same time as the Everywhere Belt Bag. I already popped the tags and committed to the EBB, but given the choice I’d have preferred this style instead.
  • Who thought we needed a rosemary green Like a Cloud Bra Long Line when we already had grey sage? Don’t get it twisted I love the style, but the color selection isn’t exactly vibrant.
  • While I have a small annoyance with the Back In Action LS because the torso is about 5 sizes larger than the arm openings on the sleeves, this model is crushing it in the Pink Mist Back In Action Short Sleeve and it deserves a spotlight. I’m a boatneck fan and may give one of these a go if I see it in real life.

Gah I am EXTREMELY overdue for a trip to the fitting room! Soon. Soon soon soon.

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  1. Can’t wait for the fitting room update!!! I haven’t been in a store in over a year now, so will live vicariously through you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’ve only been twice, maybe? I’ve totally fallen out of the habit. Bad for blog material but I think my bank account has been appreciative of the minor reprieve. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Does your phone fit in the Everywhere Belt Bag? I am wanting it for trips to theme parks not necessarily to run.

  3. The airwrap hoodie is super nice and breathabke, bit the hoodie version make you feel like you are choking on something!! The fabric and fit of the rest is great but the hoodie choking vibes made it a no go.

  4. I loooooove those camo pants. My daughter was just accepted into UT of Austin, and burnt orange is the college color. Lol!!! Hookemโ€™ horns!

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