5 Faves & a Dud: Grape Thistle Appreciation Day


Rhetorical question: Lululemon are you SERIOUSLY trying to melt my Amex?

Yes, yes you is. So instead of rambling I’m just going to throw in ALL the Grape Thistle. Purple is my favorite color, and this particular deep but not too dusty shade just works for me. I love it, so I’m spotlighting it. ALL of it.

Lululemon’s Core Styles

Should I ask someone to duct tape my hands to my sides so I can’t grab my phone and order one of each?

Grape Thistle: Designs Du Jour

Don’t @ me about the Back in Action… I have no idea how it’s lasted in the rotation for this long, so I’m making an editorial decision to include it in this section. Also, FWIW I don’t know French and it’s really bothering me that I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t capitalize the “du” in “du jour”.

Analysis paralysis is the only thing keeping my spending reflex in check. Slightly odd that this heavy of an upload this week that some GT pieces are already getting marked down, but the AirWrap Pullover Hoodie and Power Pivot Tank have already been reduced.

Now that I’ve gotten the purple fever out of the way, it’s time to resume our regularly programmed nitpickery.

5 Faves & a Dud: 4/13/21 Edition

Favorite #1: Fast & Free Tight II 25″ ($128) in Heritage 365 Camo Crispin Green Multi

I’m doing it. I’m saying it. I like (???) these. TBH I’ve been waffling and at the time of writing this post I’m on the “like them” side of the fence. I could switch to the “omg ew” side in the next 7 minutes and right back again… but for right now I’m here for the loud and crazy.

Favorite #2: Sculpt Tank ($58) in Carnation Red

Is it a cop out to choose this as a fave, seeing that I already own it from last season? TBH Pink Punch has been messing with my head so much in stock photos, I thought this one was it until I did the smart people thing and read the fine print.

Favorite #3: Serve It Jacket ($128) in Ocean Air

Favorite #4: Wunder Train Long-Line Bra ($68) in Smoked Spruce

Ever since I got the black one… comfiest freaking wear it around the house all day all weekend bra there is.

Favorite #5: Lightweight Run Kit Tank Top ($68) in Color5

Tank top like, price tag don’t like. Balance.

The Dud: Relaxed Fit French Terry Jogger ($118) in Heritage 365 Camo Brier Rose Multi

Y’all can do better than this. I know you can. Green and black camo have been overdone until the cows come home, but that’s for a reason. They’re neutrals that just WORK. This bacon-looking version works less than Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie did on the Simple Life.

I’ve already ordered from lulu the last 3 weeks in a row, so I’m going to go sit on my hands until the urge to buy purple things goes away. Spoiler Alert: it won’t.

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  1. YES to everything purple! Really wish it was more of a Midnight Orchid shade, but hey, better than nothing!

    Also, I don’t comment often, but I love your posts and Tik Toks. Your commentary is hilarious and so on point with my sentiments. Thanks for all of your posts!

  2. Request for a purple comparison tikotok or instagram! Would love to see this one next to midnight orchid or something else.

      1. I own a purple Kanto Catch Me Run jacket from several years ago but really want more purple in my wardrobe generally!

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