5 Faves & a Dud: 2/16/21 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Is this where I share the life updates that warrant another extended radio silence in the blog space? The majority of it can be summed up in one word: burnout. Thanks, Corporate America! But then I took some vacation time. Snowboard lessons. Went into denial of my age and gave in to TikTok.

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With how curated Instagram is and how stale Reddit has been feeling, I’ll admit TikTok is a nice breath of fresh air of regular people just being funny. Giggity.

Honestly, haven’t been in the mood to shop for clothes lately. Since getting the Fast & Free HR Tight 28″ *Brushed (I dig ’em – actually wearing them right now), the only lululemon I’ve purchased in the last month is some new skivvies for the bf. TMI? Teehee.

5 Faves & a Dud: 2/16/21 Edition

Favorite #1: Tracker Short V ($58) in Pink Punch

NGL looks Carnation Red to me, but what do I know. Pinks and reds on screen are weird.

Favorite #2: Free To Be Serene Bra Long Line ($58) in Guava Pink

I have no idea if I’ve every tried a FTBS LL before. It’s about time to try.

In the last month I’ve been attempting to get myself into a yoga habit. Lots of feeling stuck both physically and in between the ears. Perhaps an adorable new bra that I don’t need will do the trick to get me on the mat daily.

Favorite #3: Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28″ Luxtreme ($98) in Grape Thistle

Dark purples and I go together like (insert magical and wonderful combo that you can’t live without here). Fingers crossed to see Wunder Trains in this color!

Favorite #4: Everlux™ and Mesh High-Rise Crop 23″ ($118) in Black

Ahhhh the back of the legs are giving me low key Inspire Crop/Tight vibes. From the front I thought “eh don’t need” and then I saw the rear view. WANT.

Favorite #5: Everlux™ and Mesh Cropped Short Sleeve ($78) in Black

Anticipating some disagreement with me on this one. You know where would be a fun place (and the only place I can think) to wear this top? The internet. Perhaps a TikTok video. Can you tell where my head’s at this week?

Can’t say I’m enamored with the price point. I am enamored with the Mac & Cheese that I just jazzed up with buffalo sauce. Priorities.

The Dud: All Yours High Rise Short ($68) in Heathered Core Medium Gray

These shorts cost $68. You know what doesn’t cost $68? A pair of scissors and a thrifted pair of sweatpants from 2002. DIY, baby.

It’s Tuesday and I Have Opinions

Some of these notes may not be FRESH picks, but my thoughts are because tonight is the first time I’ve spent more than 3 minutes on lulu’s website in a while. (My wallet is thankful, and a little bit scared of the return.)

  • Take It On Belt Bag 1L – Guava Pink – Aww, Gen Z be so cute hating on Millennials but also turning around and re-trending everything we thought was cool in 1991.
  • Wunder Train Long Line Bra – Liking the cut, but I’ll hold out until something more than Dark Terracotta uploads. Y’all know I’m allergic to earth tones.
  • Align Tank – We’ve now established that I don’t think this tank and I are ever meant to be, but Guava Pink significantly brightens the lineup, which deserves praise.
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  1. I am glad there is a cute strappy bra for larger busts (I love my Enlites like crazy, but they are a bit heavy-duty). But I wish they would make FTBE in any kind of bright color! It’s been only washed out pastels.

    1. I’m glad to see it for the larger busted women, you’re right that some of the styles made for that body type aren’t all that fun and cute in comparison to others. I’m with you always: BRING ON THE BRIGHTS

  2. I love neo mint! I wish they had some tops or a bra in that color. It would be fun with the brighter pinks and blues that have come out recently. Hawaiian Blue is really pretty too.

    I ended up ordering the Inflorescence Multi Aligns to try. I hope the print is as bright and fun IRL.

  3. Give the FTBE a try! I am only a B cup and appreciate the extra support/coverage during high intensity. Strongly, strongly recommend.

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