5 Faves & a Dud: 10/13/20 Edition


Ok so about last week. IMHO lululemon, that was weak. I was all hopped up on the fact that it was the first Tuesday of the month, and then (insert deflating balloon noise here). After 2 hours of trying to force myself to pick 5, I gave up. But this week? I actually have faves! Whee!

Totally not lululemon-related, here are some photos I’ve taken of leaves this week. Now that if you round my age to the nearest 10 I’m “40”… I understand leaf-peeping and early morning walks. Colorado, story checks out on why you’re named Colorado. 🍂

5 Faves & a Dud: 10/13/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Final Mile Jacket ($128) in Dark Prism Pink

Perfect for Wednesdays, because on Wednesdays we wear pink. DUH.

You may be thinking… girl, that movie’s a bit old now. Are Mean Girls references still relevant? To that I say, ask the Mean Girls themed Toaster Strudels I saw in the grocery store YESTERDAY.

Here’s an article from Food & Wine if you don’t believe me 😂

Favorite #2: Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25″ ($128) in Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi

Everlux is a fabric I really don’t have much of. In fact, I think I may only have the To the Beat Tight and that’s it. Methinks I “need” to expand the roster. 😈

Favorite #3: Align Pant 25″ Diamond Dye ($118) in Diamond Dye Cassis Black

I’ve generally shied away from the diamond dye train, except in situations where the color combination is subtle. Cassis & Black? Yup, buy me a ticket. CHOO CHOO Y’ALL.

Favorite #4: Speed Up Short Long 4″ Updated Fit ($58) in Highlight Orange

Never met a neon that I didn’t like. Have you seen my wardrobe?

Favorite #5: Keep the Heat Thermal Long Sleeve ($98) in Iron Blue

Given that I’m in the mountain and saw SNOW this weekend, I’m looking ahead to winter mode already. I haven’t found an iron blue piece that piques my interest… until now. Oh hi you pretty cozy looking thing. How YOU doin’?

The Dud: Time To Sweat Crop 23″ ($98) in Heritage 365 Camo Burnt Caramel

I try to refrain from the toilet humor but… this colourway legitimately looks like 💩

It takes a LOT for me to use that emoji. A LOT. Sorry not sorry if you can’t unsee it!

Not Dudley, Consider These a Do Right

Rocky & Bullwinkle fans, you got me?

  • Align High-Rise Pant 25″ Scallop – Lulu was so excited about these, we got a push notification from the app today. If it worked with WUCs why not try with Aligns? Available in Black (duh), Cassis (nice!), and Violet Verbena (eww).
  • Can’t go wrong with a True Navy Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0, can you? No. No, you can’t.
  • Seem as though the Align Tank got a *big* restock, Reddit’s been selling it out for months, perhaps supply is finally catching up with demand? Only color mostly sold out is chambray.

Nothing made an immediate add to my shopping cart. Impulsive Katy wants to snag that iron blue thermal, but practical Katy is like hey you idiot you dabbled in Patagonia & Arc’teryx this weekend. Cool it.

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  1. I really like the cassis/black diamond dye too. I’ve liked the other iterations of diamond dye (there was a naval blue version a couple months back that I loved), but most seemed difficult to match tops. This new version is really nice.

  2. Definitely add more Everlux to your wardrobe! I did and now I almost never wear anything Luxtreme, unless I’m feeling “chubby” and/or want more compression.

  3. I wish they would bring back the petal Aligns. I deeply regret not grabbing them…last year? The Tight Stuff Tight-like scallop isn’t as cute as the petal cut—or even the WU scallop.

  4. I bought the cassis/black diamond 21” aligns (love that the print is so subtle) and the scalloped aligns in black. Just love aligns… live in them from casual to power lifting to long walks. They’re just so comfy. I also ordered the rulu jogger crops… 5’3” over here, so happy to have a crop option.

  5. The HL orange speeds are gorgeous. I love in your face neon and missed out on the other HL speed colors this Summer so was happy to snatch up orange. They came and I love!

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