Runner or Not: SeaWheeze 2020 (Non) Exclusive Gear Uploads on 8/11


Thanks to COVID, none of us will be running the Seawall this summer. For a while the question has been “but what about the Showcase store?”

Well, we have our answer. Runner or not, EVERYONE gets a chance to snag SeaWheeze gear this year. Upload will be one week from today, 8/11/20.

IMHO, registered runners should get first crack. In years past, lululemon has attempted (and failed) to keep it to runners only. Stravagate from this spring wasn’t the first time they thought that just emailing a link and expecting people not to share it was going to work.

Also, if you just searched “SeaWheeze” on the site the day of the anticipated upload, the merch would pop up for anyone, before the emails even hit inboxes. There was no cross-referencing or cancellation of orders by people who weren’t registered for the race.

This year they’re not even trying. One could argue they’re being more inclusive, my opinion is that they aren’t event trying, and that’s sad. Every other aspect of the SeaWheeze experience has always been an above and beyond effort to improve the in-person experience. The e-commerce side has always been a weak link, because they never quite figured out how to keep the exclusive gear just that… exclusive.

I’ll be surprised if the website doesn’t crash next week. Anyhow, here are screen grabs of the teaser video.

Given with how the spring has gone with sellouts/restocks and general inventory FUN… I plan on rolling into Tuesday with an itchy trigger finger and a lot of popcorn. 🍿🍿🍿

What are everyone’s thoughts?

SeaWheeze 2020 Preview: Women’s Gear

SeaWheeze 2020 Preview: Men’s Gear



  1. Eh, nothing from the promo really stands out. Sorry they’re just not giving a crap for the people who took the initiative to commit to a race that’s (for quire a few) in a different county, and give y’all a setup like Sephora does for VIB, linked to your account, so it’s not a flippers free for all to make bank. Lulu is really quite disappointing more and more, as time goes on

    1. That’s my biggest concern. Flippers are professionals. You know people are going to build bots for this, and half the merch will be up for resale before it’s received by the OG purchaser.

  2. I find this very discouraging and disappointing that they are opening the Seawheeze merch up for sale to EVERYONE. I am registered for the race and was looking forward to getting some special items but now that’s looking like it’s not going to happen. Why lulu why? It’s not that hard to offer exclusively to the people who registered. Or at least give us first chance a day early.

  3. I’m not a registered runner, and I think this totally sucks and is the wrong move by LLL. You’re right about the resellers. I guess LLL just wants their money and doesn’t care about keeping it exclusive to those who deserve it. How disappointing.

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