5 Faves & a Dud: 8/4/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Another first Tuesday of the month means another big drop of lululemon! Meanwhile, Isaias was busy dropping trees and branches today like NBD, treating CT like a Carolina coastline on a random Tuesday afternoon.

If a tree is uprooted across the street from the Doubletree Hotel… do we now call it the Singletree? Who cares what you call the place, as long as they still serve their amazing truffle fries.

Deep thoughts with Katy, amirite?

5 Faves & a Dud: 8/4/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Easy Access Crossbody ($38) in Pink Highlight/Cerulean Blue/Highlight Yellow

Boyfriend calls me Kaleidoscope Katy, and the fact that I saw this bag and went OMG – story checks out. Maybe this is also something that would have fit into my wardrobe as a 13-year-old… but somehow at 34, nostalgia is reeling me in.

Favorite #2: Speed Up Tight 28″ ($108) in Urban Block Wild Bluebell Black

Black and Wild Bluebell together will ALWAYS be a good idea. Would love to see this pattern in a Fast & Free, Speed Tights haven’t always been my jam.

Favorite #3: Sarala Jumpsuit *lululemon lab ($188) in Light Military

The cinch at the waist and the more fitted cut just WORK. With the SeaWheeze drop coming next week, I really ought to conserve funds.

This piece has piqued my interest more than the typical jumpsuit does.

Favorite #4: All Your Small Things Pouch Mini ($28) in Foliage Overlay White Multi

Don’t necessarily need a pouch, and I’m not usually into florals… but this one I like. Call it a fantasmic continuation of the Kaleidoscope Katy thing.

Favorite #5: Rain Chaser Jacket ($198) in Heritage 365 Camo Dark Olive Multi

The Dud: With the Breeze Jacket ($128) in Geranium Pink

This color is SO GOOD but the translucent fabric and the scrunched crew neckline is SO BAD! Can’t we just get some high-waisted Speed Up shorts in this lovely color instead?

More Things I Like But Don’t Need at All

  • Kosaten Short – Iron Grey / $118 – lululemon but for hiking
  • Sarala Shirt – Antique White / $108 – lululemon but for the offices we’re not allowed back into because COVID is here to stay
  • Varsa Hoodie – Aurora Glow Jacquard Black Obsidian / $168 – ugh lab can we not with the sky high price tags though
  • Speed Up Short 2.5″ – Cerulean Blue / $58 – Yes I have Jet Stream & Blazer Blue & Wild Bluebell already but but but

Back away from the shopping cart, self… SW exclusives drop next week.


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  1. I actually like the dud in black—but agree the neck is weird and a bit cheap looking. I’m always hot, so I appreciate the venting under les pits, though. Hopefully everyone else hates it too, and it will hit WMTM!

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