5 Faves & a Dud: 7/21/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Sometimes I’ve got a lot of gas in the tank for a super fun and witty intro, some days all gas in said tank is SPENT and today is one of them. Live sports are coming back with a vengeance in the very near future, which means my 5 month stint of cushy little 40-hour weeks working from home is on the outs.

At least when your next event is a 6-hour drive away you can pack full size snacks in the car. Hooray no TSA, BYOB for the WIN. Back to my regularly scheduled rotation of C9 Tech Tees from Target and the lululemon Pace Rival Skirt every damn day.

5 Faves & a Dud: 7/21/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25″ Luxtreme ($98) in Hype Stripe Black White

Do I really need to explain this so late in the game? Gonna say it louder for the people in the back who don’t already own some sort of parallel or hype stripe.

When the stripes. DO THE THING.

Favorite #2: Pace Rival Skirt *Tall ($68) in Lemon Vibe

This is admittedly my consolation prize on the week. I popped into my local store on Sunday and there was a dark prism pink Pace Rival Skirt hanging there, with three size 8’s in stock and ZERO size 10’s. Woe was me.

This was not the first time that the lone 10 has been gone on a fresh new piece within a day of dropping. Dear Size 10 Educator at Westfarms… can you please stop having the same tastes as I have ok thank you very much bye.

There’s no DPP online this week so instead… hello Lemon Vibe. Thoughts on pairing this with a Jet Stream Swiftly?

Favorite #3: Caught in the Rain Jacket ($198) in Sandlot

I have two khaki rain jackets already, and there are SO many other (more useful and necessary) things to spend $198 on, but here I am mentally filing this jacket away and hoping it gets marked down.

Favorite #4: Swifty Train Short Sleeve ($68) in Black

While I’d prefer that the massive air conditioning vent in the back didn’t exist, I still find myself drawn to this one. Anyone else notice that while the Swiftly variations seem to use fabric, the price stays the same? Hmmm.

Favorite #5: Seek Sun Dress ($118) in Lazurite

Not as much here for the design as I am for the color. TEAM LAZURITE FOREVAR! Jury’s still out on if it’s purple or blue, though. I’ve got my 47 cents cents on purple.

Last go around, we got the Run Times in Lazurite, but no Speed Shorts. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this means more core pieces are on the way. My wallet would prefer the opposite. Fiscal responsibility.

The Dud: Ease of It All Jumpsuit ($128) in Graphite Gray

First the photos, then the commentary.

I’m going to let Robin Scherbatsky sum it up:

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  1. The swiftly definitely uses less fabric, but it does use more stitching, so maybe that justifies a higher price? I love the cropped top, but yeah the hole in the back was an unwise decision on their part. I feel like I’d be tugging down the top the entire time I was wearing it, I think I prefer looser crop tops that don’t distract me as much.

  2. “Thoughts on pairing this with a Jet Stream Swiftly?”

    As a Penn State fan, that would be too much Michigan for me 😉

    Allegiances aside, depending on how true/bright Lemon Vibe is, I think that it would look great!

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