5 Faves & a Dud: 4/21/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Quarantine Day 40: I am hopelessly addicted to E.L. Fudge Elfwich Cookies. Life in the time of COVID? It’s always cloudy and 52 degrees out, even though May is staring us in the face from 9 days away. I have reached the Groundhog Day point of this all. A day is a day is a day is a day. The thought of putting jeans on is intimidating. The cookies and I are in denial. 😬

Lululemon snuck a fast one on us and uploaded overnight, how nice. Thankfully there’sΒ  less Chianti being thrown at us this week. I personally am not a big fan of that color, so last week’s upload was pretty easy to sleep through.

This week? Lulu’s going all in on the Swiftly 2.0 line.

From the Soap Box

More often than not, the final section of each 5FD is referred to as the Soap Box, but this time I’m bringing it up top to actually soap box for a second.

Yes I saw the Bat Fried Rice thing last night. Do I agree that publicizing that design was racist, insensitive, and an all-around inexcusable thing for that designer to do? Yes.

However, do I believe one idiot’s behavior is the singular indication of his employer’s entire corporate identity? No.

I received links to the story in my DMs last night, as well as someone yelling in all caps in the comments on my latest IG photo how lululemon is “the number one brand for racist trash.”

One man’s behavior does not automatically mean that every person who wears a piece of lululemon has the same world views as he does. I’m not him. I’m not racist trash. No further comment.

5 Faves & a Dud: 4/21/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 Race Length ($78)

Race Length is about the closest I’m going to get to a race this year. I maintain some optimism re: Wineglass in October, but the further we get into this pandemic, my SeaWheeze optimism is fading.

Race length is a perfect compadre to the high-waist styles that have been trending for a while now. It eliminates midsection bulk, and this may be what breaks my COVID spending moratorium. I’ve come close to checking out a few times, but have been able to hold back thus far.

Addicted to Swiftlies and black crew necks, it will be apocalyptic if I say no to this one. In case you’re lucky enough for warmer temperatures to be in your neighborhood, Race Length also released in the Swiftly Tech Racerback 2.0, the short sleeve option hasn’t appeared yet, if it will at all.

Favorite #2: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 ($78) in Monarch Orange

I know I just got Expedition back in February, but HELLO! I have nail polish that matches this wonderful color. I don’t know that CND calls it, but I call it Cheeto dust.

Also new colors this week: a Cassis/Chianti blend (wine pun, get it?), and the Sun version, which is white with a hint of light blue gradient up top.

Favorite #3: Catch a Breath Hoodie ($118) in Ivory Peach

Sorry not sorry for the in yo face orange. Great things are orange. Juice (ok so mimosas, really), Syracuse, Baked Cheetos, this adorable hoodie.

Loving the length, I’m hopeful that it becomes available in more colors. This vibe makes me think Scuba but crop it and make it cute.

Favorite #4: Align Pant II 25″ ($98) in Formation Camo Evergreen Multi

If it’s camo but not incognito, does it count as new? Digging how subtle the green is. Want don’t need, wan’t don’t need… want!

Favorite #5: Dash Into Dusk Jacket ($128) in Black

Luxtreme means it’s not swampy, and armpit vents mean it’s perfect for those weird days (aka right now) when it’s chilly at the start of a run, but you’re questioning your wardrobe choices by Mile 3.

Perfect little airplane jacket. For all those airplanes I’m not going on right now. Haven’t been at 35,000 feet since March 5th. THIS FEELS WEIRD.

The Dud: Cates Tee Camo Veil ($58) in City Camo Burnout Ivory Peach/Ivory Peach

Ivory peach is light and fun when it’s a solid. See hoodie above. Unfortunately, when it’s made into a transparent situation, it starts to look too much like a nude colored slip.

Potential Items of Interest

Not going to lie, this week’s upload was a bit tough to get AMPED about. I may be experiencing a Wild Bluebell hangover while the pendulum swings toward blue’s legitimate opposite on the color wheel. Nevertheless…

  • Lulu Reddit continuously loses. its. MIND. every time the Align Tank gets restocked in any color. Well, it’s back in White this week. If you’ve still yet to buy your first, maybe hop on it before the addicts start stockpiling backups.
  • Morning Match Skirt (Tall) – ‘Tis the season for tennis whites! Or blacks. Or pink bliss.
  • Rejuvenate Bra – This bra is reversible, and who doesn’t love a good twofer every now and again?

Side note: with all this Chianti and orange next to each other… does anyone else now have sangria on the brain?

Between Brick, Ivory Peach and Monarch Orange, this is the orange fiend’s chance to go absolutely hog wild on a quarantine haul.

For the lamp lovers out there (because Brick Tamland… get it? GET IT?) If not, go watch Anchorman.

Me? I’ll be over here eyeballing another black crew neck (hello Swiftly 2.0) because of who I am as a person.

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  1. Found out today that the Berlin marathon won’t be happening this September πŸ™ That was going to be my first (and probably only) full marathon AND it was happening on my birthday! Doh! ….Immediately ate all the Oreos. 2020 isn’t looking good for races, but we can still buy race gear right?

    1. Of course! Sometimes a new outfit is what helps get out the door when there’s no more race medal motivation to be found. I’ve been struggling lately to do anything more than molasses miles.

      I haven’t ready any news on Berlin, hopefully deferrals were offered!

  2. Im horrible with anything WHITE. I’m a huge fan of Align Tank and I love me some white so I ordered four so I can have back up πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  3. I picked up the green camo hotty hot shorts (had not seen them before) and am contemplating the red swiftly race tank although not together. Groundhog day…different day same cookies! I am curious on opinions of race length swiftlys – also talk to me more on the align tank and why I want one. I hate to miss a train!

    1. I’m about to bite the bullet on every color of race length swiftly tank … I’m sick of all the material bunching up and riding up my shorts and tights when I’m running or in boot camp class

      1. I’d like to give one of those a try. My main gripe with the longer length is how much the bunching fabric is unflattering in the midsection. This may eliminate that!

    2. So many people are loving how it’s flattering on women with small/medium sized chests. I can’t really envision it in my wardrobe due to the cropped length, but for those who love crop tops and aren’t so big they’re falling out of it, supposedly the tank is a dream.

  4. I sent my husband screenshots of #1 and #2 earlier today. You and I are on the same wavelength. Lol! If you bite the bullet, I’d love to see pictures and your review on the race length and your thoughts on sizing!

  5. I am said orange fiend…. I fear my stimulus check will be going to ALL of the monarch orange and brick. I already got the swiftly ls, even though I too bought expedition earlier. Le sigh.

      1. I missed out on the monarch shorts. I was trying to look at the color in other pieces on the website, when my size sold out. I have a feeling it might not be as vibrant as some of the pictures are showing and I agree orange is polarizing, so I’m thinking I’ll see some pop backs and people do returns.

        Hopefully by then, someone will have posted a color comparison or IRL photo. If it’s bright and happy, I AM IN!

  6. Ok I promise I’m not trying to encourage your vice BUT dunking peanut butter in the E.L. DOUBLE Fudge Elfwich Cookies is Life!!!!!

    1. The minute i read this I got up, walked downstairs, grabbed two cookies and a jar of peanut butter and did exactly this. I have one cookie left in the package and now I want to restock. Aggghh!

  7. I live in BC and Dr Bonny Henry (amazing head of provincial covid response that has LOTS of cool Fluevog shoes) has said there will be no large gatherings this summer. No concerts or festivals or fairs. I assume this means Seawheeze πŸ™

    1. That’s what I’m afraid of! I DMed SeaWheeze today to see when registered runners can expect a decision to be made. Even if the race were to take place, I can’t help but wonder if the border would even be open for those of us traveling from the US and other countries to participate.

  8. The white Align tank is the only thing I ever returned. I am 6 ft tall so the bottom hit me in the ribs. Looked like a long sports bra :(.
    I was hoping Expedition would go on WMTM but the few pieces in that color seemed to have disappeared.

    1. Whomp whomp πŸ™ It’s definitely a shorter girl’s dream top. Like you I was surprised to see Expedition go as fast as it did. An unexpected smash hit, or they didn’t make all that many for that same reason: unexpected popularity.

  9. Hi! I did not know that you were running Wineglass! We ran it in 2017. The buses to the start were a bit of a cluster and the scenery along the course was lacking at times – BUT it is my current half marathon PR, so the course itself is a good one! And the medal/swag are great and Corning is a neat little town. I sure hope that we have fall races. While I appreciate the option to run “virtually” for races that I’ve already signed up for, it sure does make it hard to want to actually train. Hope you are doing well!

    1. Yes! I’m running it with my sister πŸ™‚ I haven’t run it before but I hear it’s a popular one! Having only done virtual SeaWheeze… virtual races aren’t the same for me. I thrive on the atmosphere, and without that, it’s just another long run day with no motivation to pass that person out on the next hill. I’ve got nothing but molasses miles in me right now.

  10. I was not inspired by this week’s upload either. Orange is not my color at all – The lighter shades of ivory peach and monarch orange would totally wash me out and brick would class terribly with my complexion lol. But at least the lack of choices means good things for my wallet!

    1. I feel like the cooler hues like purple and green are my jam, so to see it swing hard in the earth tones direction, it’s pretty easy for me to yawn. There are some pieces that make my top 5 because I do think they look cute… but I’m not entirely sure they’d look cute on ME.

  11. I guess this is the end of the original Swiftlys–my ride or dies. πŸ™ I tried the Swiftly Speeds a few months ago, and I think 2.0 is the new name for them. Unfortunately, they don’t work for me. Womp.

    1. I tried on a Speed or two back in January, and didn’t hate them. My only gripe is that the wrists on the striped weave were so tight, it couldn’t accommodate my watch, and I couldn’t comfortably scrunch it to stay out of my watch’s way. IMHO that’s a huge oversight by the design team not to account for a large wearable that so many runners use.

      However, go figure the black one was fine. Hm.

  12. RE: your soapbox, the person was terminated which I think was the appropriate response. I actually got the FTBW bra in Monarch Orange (with a gift card) because I’m in Bmore and it’s giving me serious Orioles vibes. I haven’t been to Camden Yards in a couple years but if we can go this season, I’ll be there with bells, a black tank, and this bra on.

  13. I am reallllyyyy trying to stay away from the track that short in monarch orange. It looks so pretty in the shorts! They are back in stock now btw. Maybe for Mother’s Day?

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