5 Faves & a Dud: 3/3/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

There are some amazing things in life that are blue. Blue skies, blue eyes, blue Tostito bags. Maybe you can tell, maybe you can’t but I’m going all in on snack time right now as I type this post. Currently on vacation and it’s totally guac o’clock somewhere. Aka right in front of me.

With the ability to ignore the work phone all days comes the obsessive refreshing of lululemon’s What’s New page, and when the offerings finally updated I veritably lost my mind over the Wild Bluebell options this week.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/3/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Define Jacket ($118) in Wild Bluebell

This color, it’s brighter than Pipe Dream. CT hasn’t been delivering lately, but I’ve found myself wishing for Winter to actually WINTER so I can wear my DFIA without sweating.

It took me until just this November to finally bite on the Define Jacket, and now… this color leaves me wanting just… one… more!

Favorite #2: Wunder Train Hi-Rise Crop 21″ ($88) in Digital Oasis White Multi

Not only when the stripes do the thing, but when all the colors in my kaleidoscopic wardrobe appear these are tough to resist.

I recently tried on the Wunder Train tight when I was down in Tampa, and I loved the fit and feel. Don’t need, but definitely want these to be part of the lineup.

Favorite #3: Always Effortless Jacket ($128) in Carbon Blue

Last week, the lululemon AUS/NZ instagram posted a teaser photo of this jacket paired with what looked to be a white/off-white pair of camo WUCs, and I went nuts.

Admittedly thought it was Night Diver, but Carbon Blue is gorgeous and works just as well. We haven’t seen the crops here in the US yet, but getting the jacket is half the battle.

I’ve got the Frontier version from last year, and if sizing remains the same as it did last year, it will be plenty roomy if you go TTS.

Favorite #4: Take it in Stride 1/2 Zip ($98) in Black

I’m admittedly in a bit of a half zip mood lately. Blame the whole “starting half marathon training when it’s February” thing, and the fact that I don’t love having a cold neck.

Favorite #5: Dynamic Days Jumpsuit ($158) in Black

Oh, I’m doing it. I’m going there. Onesies are usually a polarizing pieces. Structured with room they can be cute, things usually go sideways when it’s a catsuit situation.

Thankfully, there’s no superhero castoff action going on here. I’m a fan of a onesie done right, and I feel like on the proper day, I can do this one right. So I’ll wait until it hits WMTM with crossed fingers, because I feel like there are plenty of people out there who may not agree with this pick.

The Dud: Seek Softness Long Hoodie ($168) in Heathered Stargaze

Here it is, here it is. Just as I thought to myself recently that obvious Duds were becoming increasingly less common… lululemon done gone and released their version of a Snuggie.

Yeah, I said it. How is this practical? What’s the goal? Office Travel Commute? You mean to tell me you expect someone to walk into the business casual cubicle farm wearing this? Someone please do it and send me photos. I will be saving my $168 kthx.

You’re not off the hook: Seek Softness Jumpsuit ($128) & Always Effortless Trench ($228)

At first cruise through upload it was looking to be a three-way tie between I’m not sure what’s going on here. The snuggie won the dishonor of the week because it’s lack of practicality.

These two? I simply don’t like them. The jumpsuit, I don’t even know, and the trench is fantastic start to a streaker costume… if that’s what you want your Halloween to look like. Or your Wednesday night. You do you, sister.

I’m here to judge outfits, not your life choices.

Wild (Bluebell)in’ Out

I *love* this color, but with the DFIA I do need to exercise some sort of self control. Right? So maybe I get some socks.

Soleil’s been stealing the spotlight in the last two uploads but it’s time for this blue to be recognized for the royalty that it is.

March Madness

Of course a new month always spawns a bunch of even more fun.

  • Love Tank II ($38) – Classic Green
  • Sculpt Tank ($58) – Last week I wanted a black version of this new cut. This week delivered. Huzzah!
  • Still trying to figure out if bomber jackets work for me. The Serene Travels Bomber may be this year’s attempt to master the look.
  • Align Pant 25″ Diamond Dye ($118) – for those who have saturated their wardrobe with incognito camo but can’t get enough of the black & gray vibe.
  • Trail Trekker High-Rise Tight 25″ ($128) – I can only think that lulu is finally realizing that Athleta is KILLING IT in the hiking/city tight domain and this is another attempt to get in on a utilitarian tight. I am slightly apprehensive on cargo pocket Luxtreme, so I will have to try these in person before I have a real opinion on them.
  • Hug Your Core Super High-Rise Tight ($118) – Upon hearing my audible WTF across the room, I invited him over and the bf just said “hey look it’s like they have Spanx built in!” Need I say more? I’m shouting these out for this facepalm photo and this alone. Lululemon x Titanic corset right here.
  • LA Turtleneck Long Sleeve ($78) – So this is for the LA Marathon this weekend, right? Race or no race, one day I would like to channel Iliza Schlesinger in Elder Millennial and rock a long-sleeved crop top LIKE THAT.
  • LA Tight Short Sleeve Tee ($68) – TBH this reminds me of a cheapo half sleeve black tee from Target I bought, ohhhhh 11 years ago. It’s finally showing its wear, and so, maybe I invest $68 in the next 11 years of my life.
  • Train Free High-Rise Crop ($118) – Woooof. Granted I don’t bark at $118 at F&Fs, so maybe I should give these a go before I get all judgey. Look at those seams on the back of the legs… old school Inspire Crops I SEE YOU wanting to come out!
  • Love Crew III ($48) – Soleil’s taken a definitive backseat to WB this week, but this tee will make an awesome layering piece.
  • Free to Be Bra *Wild ($48) – Larkspur, good color, good time, get after it.
  • Emerald Long Sleeve ($58) – Cut Back Stripe White Black… and all this does is remind me that I haven’t worn my Back At It LS enough since snagging it in August.
  • Take It All In Sweater ($98) – Sunlight Yellow. Not Soleil. Kind of feel like this was snuck in with little to now fanfare but here I am calling it out. FANFARE! 🤩
  • The Carnelian Quartz Stay Hot Keep Cold Bottle ($38) has me wondering how much we will be seeing of this color in clothing, or if a peachy water bottle is all we’re ever going to get 🤨
  • Algae Green. Have at it with the All Yours Crew ($98) and the All Yours Hoodie ($108). I mean it.

You know what else is green? Margaritas. What am I finishing this blog post to go ahead and enjoy a happy hour with?



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  1. I’m loving those rainbow pants!! Definitely keeping an eye on those.

    I think I’m going to get the Bluebell Speed Ups. The color is gorgeous and I’ve been hoping for something louder than the usual pastels.

    So many duds this week. I almost think that looong sweatshirt thing would have been cute if it was about a foot shorter. I feel like if squint at it, I can see a little cuteness at a shorter length. Kind of a flowy sweatshirt dress? But, I’m still not sure where I’d be going in it. It’d probably still be a dud, lol!

  2. I was so curious about the hoodie and became even more confused with the Why we made this? “This cozy hooded cloak has soft, substantial fabric that keeps you feeling warm and grounded in meditation sessions.” But the designed for says Office Travel Commute….so meditation on the subway? during lunch? Better yet the product feature is “Discreet inner pocket designed to hold your favourite essential oils” Hmmm. I teach yoga and work in a corporate client environment and I still can’t figure it out – especially at $168. As always I appreciate you highlighting the good and the bad – I didn’t see that classic green love tank and am crossing my fingers for an energy bra, shorts or a swiftly tank in this color!

  3. Just discovered your blog and I love it!! I too am a lululemon fanatic and I love your content and writing style. Looking forward to reading more 🙂 Subscribed!

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