5 Faves & a Dud: 3/10/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Today’s introductory soliloquy is brought to you by the mediocre wannabe germs that I *think* I have right now.

Yes, I travel a lot. No, I don’t have coronavirus. Did the woman across from me on Thursday night make me feel like I was going to suffocate from the (non)essential oils she was rubbing on her BARE FEET mid flight? Yes, yes she did. FU, Seat 11D.

I just have the wimpiest wannabe sore throat with random bouts of fatigue and extreme thirst mixed in and I’m over it. I wish I were sick enough to be like YUP YOU HAZ LE FLU or 100% in the clear, but no.

In other news, I almost got hit by a car while I was out on my run this afternoon. I was in the sidewalk crossing a driveway, and this guy completely pulls a few feet in front of me and stops while waiting for another car that wasn’t even in his way. He had NOT A CLUE that I was there. Good thing I heard him coming from behind me and knew to slow up.

Situations like that make me glad that I stopped running with headphones at the beginning of last season. I’d rather be aware of my surroundings than splat on the hood of some idiot’s Mercedes Benz.

Drivers and runners alike… PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU. //rant

Now it’s time to pay attention to what’s new at lululemon.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/10/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Sunshine Ahead Swim Tank ($78) in Black

This week came in hot with the first swim drop of the year, and the three colors of the year are Black, Soleil and an aquatic-looking Speckle Spray Dye Blue Multi, which TBH could rock it on Cape Cod.

Because it will match any bottom I stick it with, I’m locking in the black version of this top as this week’s favorite. The high neck means you’re not flashing anyone when getting active in the sun, and the long line isn’t so long that it channels frumpy 1998 tankini vibes.

Favorite #2: Dash All Day Bucket Bag ($128) in Wild Bluebell

This is a cute little bugger. It somehow feels like I should come up with a more eloquent way of describing this bag, but… no thanks.

It’s a fun size carry-all that will brighten up whatever sad Saturday outfit you feel like throwing together to do all those weekend errands that you’ve been avoiding for weeks. Like… panic buying toilet paper, ice cream and Clorox wipes. Have fun with that.

Favorite #3: Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece ($118) in Dark Red

The devil is in the details, and he’s crushing it with the gunmetal gray zipper. 😈

Favorite #4: Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25″ ($98) in Digital Oasis White Multi

Did I feature the 21″ inseam last week? Yup. Is that stopping me from featuring the 25″ inseam this week? Nope.

Ever since I gave the Wunder Train a try in Tampa, I haven’t been able to shake them from my brain. I know it’s run season and I’ve got 5 pairs of F&F crops to cover my arse (literally), but these have piqued my interest.

Favorite #5: Tracker Short V ($58) in Wild Bluebell

Yup I have a Wild Bluebell obsession and it’s something we all are just going to have to deal with for a little bit.

The Dud: Align Jogger 28″ ($98) in Lunar Rock

This color has no business being pants. Millennial pink, you gots to go.

Grab Your Swimmies

Here we go with this season’s get out get wet UPF & whatnot…

Yeah I’m Still Typing

  • So the Now and Always Crossbody Mini 3L ended up on WMTM a couple months ago and I pounced on it for $49. Now it’s back on What’s New for $98 again? So made too many? But not enough? Does not compute.
  • A cropped rain jacket may seem a bit impractical to some, but when I zip off the bottom of my 2014 Rain or Shine Jacket and only wear the cropped part with skinny jeans and Hunter boots… I look gooooood. Give the Rain Chaser Jacket a chance.
  • If you are either pregnant or really into twirling around like a pretty pretty princess, the Day to Light Tank is here for you.
  • NGL I can’t really tell the difference between Cassis and Garnet. Say hi to the Align Pant II 25″.

Not going to lie, it’s 7:32pm and my mind is starting to wander. Where to, you ask?

Chris Harrison and all the Pilot Pete drama that reduces my IQ by 1 point per minute. That’s right, this dumpster fire of a Bachelor season is *almost* over and you best bet that I’m here to witness the rest of this nonsense to go down. I went spoiler free this season and I’m ready to see how this all unfolds so I can have my Monday nights back to do something intelligible. Like read a book.

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  1. I laughed when I read your sentence about not having the virus. I was watching my son swim yesterday and I suddenly had to sneeze. All I could think was, “Oh crap. If I sneeze in this small room, even when I completely cover it, everyone will freak out.” So, I tried to hold it in. I was thinking anyone who could see my face was probably wondering what was wrong with me. I was thinking I’d have to shout out, “I’m not sick!”, but I was able to stop the sneeze. These are strange times.

    I am in love with those digital oasis wunder trains. I tried to buy them over the phone on Sunday and get the International Women’s Day discount, since I was out of town and not near a store. Some people in the FB groups said they were able to ask for it and get the go ahead with their online or phone order. I was turned down. I tried via chat too. So, I’m waiting to see what happens first FOMO or WMTM.

    I’m also loving all things bluebell. I can’t decide on what I want in that color.

  2. Do you think you can run in the wunder trains? I think it says training, but…. I have yet to try a pair of fast and frees, but I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I see a pair coming my way. 😉

  3. Have you seen Cassis in real life? It looks so much like garnet – would be curious to see a comparison and I won’t make it to a store for a few weeks.

    1. Cassis is a dead ringer for bordeaux drama if that helps, I ordered the wunder trains and they match my existing bordeaux tights at home exactly.

  4. My theory on colors is that they come from different factories/manufacturers using previous color swatches. New factory can’t quite make Bordeaux Drama look the same so just rename it Cassis.

    1. Interesting! We have seen so many similar colors lately it seems… misty mocha and lunar rock look so similar to me for example

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