5 Faves & a Dud: 2/18/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I am still waiting on the day that I don’t automatically type “1” as the first digit of the year. That day has not yet come. But you know what has? Another lululemon upload. I cannot get enough of Soleil.

OH HEY! MORE SOLEIL! Look at me busting a rhyme.

5 Faves & a Dud: 2/18/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve ($78) in Expedition

Lululemon calls it Expedition. I call it I went to Syracuse and a straight orange Swiftly is pretty much the only color of the rainbow that I don’t already own. I can’t NOT.

Call it coincidence that I just placed an order of Spicy Hot Tomato Oil a couple days ago? If you’re from the Cuse area or went to school there, you know the drool-inducing magical substance I’m talking about.

Favorite #2: Speed Up Short 2.5″ / Speed Up Short Long 4″ ($58) in Incognito Camo Multi Grey/Black

People like me are the reason that the Incognito Camo Multi Grey just won’t quit. I want it in every core style possible. However, my black savasana camo OG Speeds from 2014 are still going strong, so I can probably save my money here.

Listen to me trying to have discretion when I just bought the Wild Bluebell DFIA even though I already own Night Diver. Some self control is better than none.

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 ($78) in Tempo Stripe White Black

Last week, the Swiftly Tech SS 2.0m came out, and I thought I was all over on it like white on rice noticing that the omega design had been eliminated. Welp, now I’ve been foiled because the long-sleeved 2.0 has it.

I just need to try it on for myself. Fitting Room, I had so much fun with you on Valentine’s Day… I think it’s time we go on another date.

Favorite #4: Perfectly Oversized Hoodie ($118) in Black

It’s basic, it’s black, and I’m willing to bet that the Perfectly Oversized Hoodie lives up to its name… far more than any random swag from work can.

Check that knowing glance on the model’s face. F*ck yeah you want this hoodie.

Favorite #5: Everywhere Belt Bag ($38) in Soleil

There I go talking up Soleil and waiting until the last fave to feature it. This gorgeously optimistic yellow is becoming more and more available in the Accessory realm, so a fun belt bag is what I’m going with this week.

If it becomes mine, will I get it dirty? Probably. But I’ll look like an awesomely colorful kaleidoscope while it happens.

The Dud: Align Super High Rise Tight 28″ ($98) in Pink Taupe

Fun Fact: I was *THISCLOSE* to hitting publish on this entire post without writing up a Dud. I mean, I guess that’s good. Some days, especially back a few years ago, it used to be an internal battle to declare just one winner (loser?) of the week. So I’m going with something that’s not necessarily terrible, but I can guarantee you that I’ll never wear.

I’m sure some of you are wondering what about the utilitarian styled lab coats that uploaded this week… but in a weird way, I kind of dig them.

(L) Gathering Storm Short Jacket ($228) / (R) Gathering Storm Long Jacket ($268)

Barbie Called…

SO MUCH PINK in this week’s upload. Magenta glow is running the table. I prefer something a bit more in-your-face than this shade, but it’s a nice upgrade from all the millennial blush we’ve had thrown at us in the last year or so. Options include:

Is it me, or do some of these magenta glows look dustier than others?

I Can’t Stop Rambling

  • I don’t need to be adding TWO belt bags into the top 5, but I can’t help it if I keep returning to the algae green On the Beat Belt Bag. Does this mean I’m pond scum? 😂 Maybe I should be looking at the actual CLOTHING items in this color instead.
  • This takes me to the Fast and Free Tight II 25″ in algae green, and I want to know where the hell these were when I needed them back in December for the Christmas 5K season?! (The Fast & Free Short 6″ is available for those of you in warmer climates)
  • Can we talk about the back of the Sunday Sprint Short Sleeve and what are those cute little orange Speed Shorts hiding in plain sight?
  • The Play Off the Pleats Skirt has made its return in black and white, a 13″ version. Fingers crossed for a few colors and a longer length. Otherwise I’ll be kicking it with my arsenal of Pace Rivals.

At this point in time, I’m a lot of talk and not a lot of purchasing. I made a mistake in letting the Hot Sunset Pace Rival Skirt sit in my cart for too long and sell out, so I should probably consider making like Tonto and jumping on that Expedition Swiftly LS before it sells out. As a lulu-loving Syracuse alum, it’s my duty. Right???


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  1. Between the Swiftly Tech, Speed, and Tech 2.0, I can’t keep up. The online descriptions aren’t helpful, either. I already know I don’t like the Speed, but how is the Tech 2.0 different?

    I went to the store on Sunday and saw a really cute No Inhibitions Tank that sadly was sold out of my size. I was hoping it would upload today, but womp womp.

    I’ve had my eye on a couple of Lunar New Year pieces, so I’m saving my coin for them. They’ve got to hit WMTM soon.

  2. I broke my streak of only getting WMTM stuff to get the expedition swiftly. Just because orange is my favorite color and the last orange swiftly I remember was from like 2015. Your justification is much more legit.

  3. I’m so excited the orange swiftly has finally come out en masse. One of the lulu boards had a member in the Syracuse area, and last year around March madness, the local lulu got this color. I have the post screen shot, I called the store last year but they wouldn’t send sale as it was locals only. I was almost crying, missing out on it. So happy today

  4. Finally an orange swiftly! I have the amber shorts that came out a year or 2 and I love love love the color but they didn’t make much else in that color. I am hoping some more stuff is released in this beautiful orange! Have you tried the Align cropped top yet? Just wondered how it looks on. Everyone seems to be going crazy for it. I have yet to see them in any store though

    1. I haven’t tried on in store yet, but I’ve gotten a few requests on the Align Tank. I’ll have to see if I’m able to hunt one down – lulu reddit has been losing their collective minds over that tank.

  5. I’m also skeptical about the magenta glow color and held off ordering since I’m not sure. It looks pretty in the photos, but I’ve been fooled so many times by their color tweaking online. I agree that some online photos make it look dusty and more like a brighter shade of the millennial pink we’ve seen so much of. I’d love to see a nice bright, happy pink color. Hopefully, someone will post an IRL pic of the color soon!!

  6. Saw both the magenta glow and soleil in store yesterday. Magenta glow is definitely not a “bright” – the photo of the hotty hot short seems closest to what i remember. The soleil is also softer yellow than i hoped – I think the photo of the visor is the closest. I’d call both colors “easter egg” colors – more pastel than bright.

    1. Aww, sad face. At least, it seems they may be moving towards going brighter and less neutral? Fingers crossed for some bright summer colors!

  7. Whoa did they update the back of the Free to Be Serene High Neck Long Line (could that be any longer…at least it’s descriptive?) or has it always looked like that? I love the cutout look and actually looks like it will be functional to have the straps connect to a strap that’s higher up than the band.

  8. I’m putting in a vote for Lulu to move on from the Grey\Black Incognito camo. I’m a fan of camo and would be thrilled to see different camo pattern and/ or colors. For example- how about camo in shades of navy/ blue? I love Lululemon, but for a while now I have found the uploads to be kind of boring with some overpriced weird lab garments thrown into the mix. I like the idea of collaborations but haven’t loved the last two. Barry’s Bootcamp was the last collab from which I purchased some items.
    Sweaty Betty has some cute prints and designs that I really like. I don’t know anything about their fabrics and sizing so I haven’t ordered from them… but I’m tempted.

    1. Part of me knows that you’re right, and it’s been a WHILE since incognito first hit… but I feel like as long as people keep buying it we’re going to keep seeing it. Camo is still pretty on trend right now.

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