The Fitting Room + Athleta Markdowns an Extra 20% Off TODAY ONLY


Agggh I knew dragging my feet on some fitting room photos was going to bite me in the rear end sooner or later. Athleta just announced some new markdowns late last week and this morning (Monday) they added another 20% off all sale items TODAY ONLY with no promo code required.

A couple of items in the Fitting Room mix are now at more wallet-friendly price points. So, let’s ZIP right through what I tried on a couple weeks ago and then run down a few more favorites that have recently hit the sale section! Note: fitting room prices in RED are markdowns.

The Fitting Room

Essence Twist Top ($59) in Dark Vista Teal

Wearing size M. Wanted to LOVE this top, but unfortunately this missed the mark due to my height. High rise pants don’t cover my belly button, and this shirt didn’t either. Had to slouch or hike my pants uncomfortably high. An unfortunate pass for me.

Foresthill Merino Wool Ascent Top ($74) in Torch Red

Wearing size M. Love it. Bought it. It’s got some looser-knit mesh action in the back so if you’re wearing it to work be sure to layer a cami underneath.

Studio to Street Camo Sweatshirt ($79) in Olive

Wearing an M. Aside from the pattern, there wasn’t much that set this one apart. Wearing an M, it’s a very generous fit. For $60 I may have bit the bait, but $79 seemed a bit high. (Says the girl addicted to lululemon Swiftlies. I know.)

Tenacity Mesh Plunge Bra ($59) in Black

Wearing an M. Instagram models, step right up! Way too much cleav action for my personal style. This style is 100% pull over, so there are no hooks to get in and out of it. That said, it’s not the most supportive in the bunch.

Revive Jumpsuit ($95.99) in Black

Wearing a 10. I tend to shy away from wide legs, but my sister tried this one on a week prior and said that it made her legs look 10 miles long. I tried it on to see if she was full of hot air or if I looked as frumpy as I expected to look.

Wander Stash Skinny Pant ($108) in Black

Wearing TTS 10. These are amazing and I love them ok bye. There’s a little extra room in the waistband, but I’d rather have that than pants that are too tight everywhere else. They stay up just fine and I have plenty of freedom to move while looking polished with the pockets and zip fly. Plus they’re water resistant for when you get caught by annoyingly rainy weather.

Velocity Stash Pocket Colorblock Capri ($47.97) in Tanzanite Blue/Navy

Wearing an M. The fabric felt a bit thin. They passed the squat test, but these capris didn’t have the compression I would have liked in comparison to their Contender options.

Interstellar Blazer ($198) in Black

Wearing an 8 and AGH I know I need to shut up and just buy it. 200 beans is a lot of beans for a blazer, but it was just so perfect, weighty, comfortable and sleek.

Favorite Markdowns

Well this is fun. I’m only on the second page of markdowns and responsibility be damned but I need to sign off and get my butt to work now. No work means no paycheck means no money to take advantage of great sales like this one.

Good luck deal hunting, let me know what you find! 🙂

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