WMTM Alert: 9/19/19 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

The charge toward normalizing the content and training schedule continues! Not only am I here with a timely rundown of the latest worthwhile updates to lululemon’s We Made Too Much… I DID A TEMPO RUN YESTERDAY.

Being out of shape and registered for both the RunDisney Wine & Dine Two Course Challenge and Lululemon San Diego 10K on back-to-back weekends, I’m a little intimidated by the volume of race miles I’ll be putting on in November. But, I went for 9 uncomfortable miles on Sunday morning, and managed to go 9:38-9:28-9:14 after a two-mile warmup after work yesterday. I have renewed optimism after a rough few months.

Also NLR: You know what’s also awesome?

Perfect Bar released Peanut Butter Cups today! Within 32 seconds of seeing their post on the ‘gram, I placed an order because Perfect Bars are awesome and I love them. One could argue from 1-10 my excitement level is: Flailing Kermit.

Of course AFTER I check out the website is like “here’s a 20% off Promo code for you and your friends!” So, here it is in case you’re a snack monster like me: use FRIEND-D9KFR5G to get 20% off your snack attack on Perfect Bar’s website.

TBH it’s probably better to take of their “sign up for our email list to get free shipping on your first order” offer. I saved $27 in shipping for a $24 box of delicious. But hey, that 20% off is good through 11/18/19. Have at it.

Nobody’s paying me to talk about snacks, that’s just who I am as a person. Enough about that though, time for the WMTM recap!

WMTM Alert: 9/19/19 Edition

Keeping true to the 4-6 week schedule, items we first saw in early August (mainly Barry’s) are starting to make their way to WMTM, and this week I see something I already paid full price for… WHOMP WHOMP for me but yay for you. Heartthrob!

If you’re curious about Heartthrob as a color, I did recently purchase the Swiftly Tech LS in heartthrob, and I’d put it in between Boom Juice and Glossy. A quickie look at the color in natural lighting is on my IGTV channel.

  • Colors are a bit muted, but the Sculpt Long Sleeve ($64) is a nice balance of coverage but breathability for fall runs that start cool, yet you eventually heat up.
  • All Tied Up Tank – Again with the pastels, but $29.
  • Capri Align Pant II, I see you and like you with black shoes.
  • Free to Be Serene Bra ($39) – sizes 10 and 12 are all Scarlet no letter. *ba dum tss*
  • The Jet Stream Speed Up Tight *Full-On Luxtreme. I JUST WANT THEM, OK?!
  • Oh and they snuck in my Serene Stride Dress last week for a mere $64. Yup it’s adorable and now half the price I paid for it.
  • Speaking of things I paid full price for, the nice and soft/modal Rule the Day Long Sleeve is now $49. Short women, take note the torso is LONG! But there’s thumb holes. Yay.
  • Not gonna lie the Moonwalk In Movement Tight gives me hearts for eyes.
  • I’ve been eyeballing the polar shift emboss black Time to Sweat Crop for WEEKS. This markdown is an omen, right?
  • I came super close to ordering the Stronger as One Cropped Hoodie last week, but then I balked b/c I wasn’t sure on sizing. I’m not a Barry’s client but that ruching in the back is cute cute cute
  • The Breezy Energy Bra deserves a good home in a size 2 or 4 collection.
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  1. I tried on the run off route tank before, and I found myself in between sizes. I fit a 4 in the original CRB, and this tank was kinda tight in my lats/chest in a size 4. Sizing up to a 6 would’ve been too loose for my liking. I have a Crossfit body so maybe it fits most girls better.

    1. Thanks for the intel! I am going to cross my fingers that my local store has at least one or two in stock in whatever colors they may be so I can at least get a sizing idea before ordering. I’m the same as you, big shoulders/lats but a smaller waist.

  2. Ugh – the fact that so many pieces I buy end up in WMTM makes me so mad! I’m at the point where I don’t buy much full-priced stuff anymore.

    I also tried on the Run Off Route Tank and while back and didn’t like the fit. I wear either a 2 or 4 in tops and was really wishing it came in a 0.

    1. Ever since the jet stream Swiftly LS surprisingly got marked down after just a few weeks, I occasionally try to wait a little bit after purchasing before de-tagging something in case it gets marked down and I need to do a price adjustment.

      That is exactly why I REALLY wanted to wear my heartthrob Swiftly today, but instead wore neon pink.

  3. I did not care for the fit of the run off route tank. I love the high halter neckline in the front, but the back straps looked odd on me. And it’s a little billowy which made it almost seem like a maternity top on me. Never a look I am going for so it was a pass for me.

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